If you want to learn everything about Android OS and if you want to see how you can take full advantage of your new Google Nexus 9 tablet, then you need to check how to perform the basic Android operations. And the first to start with will be the reboot into fastboot mode sequence. Thus, if you choose to follow the guidelines from below, you will be able to find out further details that are related to the fastboot / bootloader term and in the end, you will see how to enter your Google Nexus 9 into fastboot mode by using a dedicated reboot method.

Fastboot mode is the same thing with bootlowader environment and also with download mode menu. How? Well, download mode is the name that you will notice on Samsung branded devices, while on other Android powered smartphones and tablets it is all about bootloader and fastboot. But, bottom line, all these terms are quite identical. So, you can either refer to as your Google Nexus 9 fastboot, bootloader or even download mode.

Now, fastboot mode represents a hidden partition, or menu that is featured on your Nexus 9. This environment is pre installed on your device, so it came right of the box. Since it is featured by default, using fastboot / bootloader mode is official and can be performed by any Google Nexus 9 user. Anyway, as you will notice during the following guidelines, managing fastboot might get risky and complex, so this tutorial is mainly recommended only for advanced Android users – if you are a newbie you can mess things up and you can even end up in bricking your tablet.

Fastboot mode is usually used on update types of operations. But, through this hidden menu you can also find extra details about your Google Nexus 9 device and you can also start tweaking your Android tablet. Therefore, learning how to enter fastboot mode is a must, especially if you are interested in completing procedures like unlocking bootloader, gaining root access, installing custom recovery images, flashing custom ROMs, adding custom kernels, overclocking your Android device, removing bloatware, making Nandroid backups and so on.

While in fastboot mode, you can also push ADB commands from a computer in order to apply different updates on your Nexus 9 or for completing other similar operations. You can also use the bootloader mode for reaching recovery mode, making hard reset processes, for clearing cache and for manually fixing software related issues like boot loops, lags, bugs, errors, alerts, battery drain, heating problems and total blackouts (we will talk about these more during a dedicated tutorial).

Do note that most of the operations mentioned above are unofficial ones, so if will complete the same, you will most likely lose the warranty of your tablet. Moreover, if you are planning in entering fastboot mode for tweaking your Google Nexus 9, before doing anything else, I recommend you to backup your personal data, info and accounts – while performing unofficial procedures, your data might get corrupted or even wiped out, so don’t skip the backup process if you have important things saved on your device.

The steps from below are general; that means you can use this tutorial whether you have a rooted or locked Google Nexus 9 device. Furthermore, entering fastboot mode implies in using the same process if your device is installed with a custom ROM or with stock Android OS, or if on your tablet you have installed a custom recovery image, or if your device is still running on stock recovery. Bottom line, you have all the reasons for trying this step by step guide.

How to Enter Nexus 9 Fastboot Mode

  1. First, you have to turn off your device – perform a complete shut down sequence, don’t just reboot your tablet (press Power button and select “power off” or press and hold power key for a few seconds).
  2. Then, in order to enter fastboot mode on your Nexus 9 you need to press Power, Volume Up and Home buttons at the same time.
  3. Keep pressing these keys until fastboot mode is being displayed on your device.
  4. The START option should be listed in the upper part of your screen.
  5. From this point you can easily choose which process to complete next; you can boot recovery mode, wipe data, clear system or use ADB commands through your computer.

So, that’s all for now. That’s how you can enter fastboot mode on your Google Nexus 9. Do share your experience with us and tell how things worked for you by using the comments field from below. If you need further details, we will try to assist you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to check out our how to section for finding further similar Android step by step guides.

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Nexus 9 doesn't have a home button

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