Do you need to enter recovery mode on your LG G2 but you can’t manage to do it properly? If that’s the case then this tutorial will be more than helpful for you. Why? Well, basically during the lines from below I will tell you how to easily boot your LG G2 in recovery mode, I will tell you what can you do from recovery mode, why is usually used the recovery mode menu and more similar stuffs that might help you in properly using your Android based device. So, don’t hesitate and check the guidelines from below for further info on this subject.

The stock recovery image that comes pre-installed on any Android device can be used for various reasons. For example you can enter recovery mode on your LG G2 for making a hard reset (also known as factory reset), for applying an OTA update, for clearing cache and for other similar operations. Furthermore, then, you can choose to replace the stock recovery with a custom recovery image like CWM or TWRP recovery. Now, by using a custom recovery you can perform other operations that are also unofficial such as gaining root access, installing a custom kernel, or updating with a custom ROM firmware.

But, regardless the motif, if you need to enter recovery mode on your LG G2, the process will be the same. As you will see below, the method used is the classic one so you don’t have to download, install or use a custom app. Basically you will use the Volume Up and Down along with the Power key in order to boot into recovery. Also, by using a combination of the buttons specified above you can also enter Download Mode on your LG G2, but that process will be explained in a different, though similar, step by step guide.

Anyway, do note that this method is compatible only with the LG G2. Moreover the steps from below have been tested only on the mentioned Android smartphone so probably it will not work on any other device – you will just have to find a suitable guide for your phone or tablet and in that matter you can anytime use the how to section of our website, or you can ask for a dedicated guide by using our contact form.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on LG G2 with ease

  1. First of all, take your phone and press the power button; the select “power off”.
  2. Wait while your phone is shutting down; wait a few seconds and then proceed.
  3. Now, press the volume down and power button at the same time for 2 or 3 seconds until the LG logo appears on the display.
  4. Then release the buttons and then press and hold them again.
  5. Keep pressing the buttons until the recovery mode menu will be displayed on your LG G2.
  6. That’s it.
  7. If you then want to go back to Android OS, just select “reboot system now”.

That was all; it wasn’t hard wasn’t it? So, now you know how to easily enter recovery mode on your LG G2. Stay close as further tutorials will be developed for your Android smartphone. Also, use the comments area from below and share your experience with us. If you still can’t boot into recovery mode, tell us what went wrong and we will try to assist you as soon as possible (or you can also consider in using this method from here).

Fred Dunsaas · 1 year ago

This used to work for me; doesn't work anymore. All it does is:
1. LG screen
2. Black screen
3. LG screen
4. Black screen
And then it just stays at black screen (it turns off).

Filip Rapá? · 3 years ago

I want go to stock recovery but with options like update from SD card etc. when I had KK I went to recovery by ADB all works properly but now with L just appear on screen "No command" or something like that.
sry for my bad english :-)

jazzy khan · 3 years ago

So what can I do for custom recovery

Simara Olson · 3 years ago

i have rogers lg g2 that was rooted and just did some update they provided and now i have secure boot error, boot certification verify error. i can get in factory reset by your instructions above but it doesn't do anything. not sure if the recovery software is corrupted or what. please help

Elizabeth Ann Bishop · 4 years ago

i was able to recover my phone, but how long does it take? seems like mine is taking forever

Mathijs · 4 years ago

I am stuck in download mode. If i do a hard reset nothing happens. It just goes back into the download mode (Firmware update)

s3nsfan75 · 4 years ago

I just did this and it wont go to recovery either restarts or goes to boot animation screen, which it's stuck at.

Joe · 4 years ago

not sure if you have the custom recovery setup correct? you can download rebooter you will be able to select to reboot into recovery

Tikixat · 4 years ago

I can't even get it out of the LG screen. I've tried more than once to enter recovery mode or even hard reset. It doesn't work. Nothing is working. Am I just not doing this correctly? Can I have someone explain this a little more clearly? The comments below have me confused on whether this is even a legitimate solution.

player911 · 4 years ago

On lollipop, it takes me a Factory Reset screen where you have to hit YES and YES (scary I know), but it will boot in to TWRP without a factory reset. Don't worry

Seungri · 4 years ago

but it factory reset my phone

luke · 4 years ago

Because player is an idiot and forgot to mention that you have to first install TWRP recovery.

Simara Olson · 3 years ago

it did nothing for me

Therion · 4 years ago

Nice, work for my g2 mini D620. But i see only factory data reset yes/no i quess thats because i dont have a custom recovery right?

reuben · 4 years ago

it dosnt work on my lg g2 f320l what should i do

reed · 4 years ago

im having a "small" problem right now. Basically, I tired to flash a custom rom (specifically the Affliction rom) and I recently backed up my apps and whatnot, now, when i factory reset it, and then booted into the twrp (4.4.2) recovery mode to wipe my phone so that I could install the ROM, I had rebooted my phone from the recovery and now, nothing is happening but the LG screen, and one time, i was able to (using the up and power buttons) make the factory reset option available (which i tried) and it did nothing but return to the LG screen. Ive also got a screen that says updating (something) and it doesn't go to 2% and below it says in red "rooted". Please help me.

Massimo A. Carofano · 4 years ago

Many thanks!A easy guide to enter in Recovery mode!
Grazie mille!Questa guida permette di entrare in recovery!

eric · 5 years ago


Duke · 5 years ago

No, if you have a custom recovery installed it won't factory reset when you follow the prompts. You are in fact the asshat in this occasion for not researching or trying before commenting. it asks if you want to factory reset so you press power to confirm and power again then it will load the recovery. If you actually do factory reset then you did not install the recovery properly.

JoaquinSpandex · 5 years ago

Duke speaks the truth.

kian · 4 years ago

indeed ..

tanty · 4 years ago

Well, he is right! In the article it does not say that you have to continue with the factory reset, it just says that after releasing the buttons you will see the custom recovery, which is not true at all! Sloppy writing. You have to press power button 2-3 times to confirm that you want to wipe everything and if you have a custom recovery, nothing will be wiped, it will just load the custom recovery.

Ninja4914 · 5 years ago

@michaelheilman:disqus That's about all that is accessible to and viable for you. The only way to unbrick your phone atm is to perform a hard (factory) reset. You need to install either CWM, TWRP, or any other third party software to access the recovery screen.

Michael Heilman · 5 years ago

All it did was take me to factory hard reset. Does not go into recovery mode.

Topias Olavi Salakka · 4 years ago

That's what it does if you don't have a custom recovery.

player911 · 4 years ago

I have TWRP and it does the same thing. Just click YES and YES. I just flashed a 12B modem on 39A Lollipop, because I am getting little/no signal, and it didn't like that... so I had to manually boot back into TWRP and just said "F it" and clicked through. Its fine as long as you KNOW you have TWRP installed.

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