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How to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Recovery mode is very important on an Android device, as it allows you to wipe cache, dalvik cache, data, install official or custom ROMs, along with many other useful options. Entering recovery mode on Galaxy Note 2 is very easy and you only have to learn the physical key combination.

But first please note that it’s very dangerous to play with the recovery mode, as it can brick your device permanently. Most likely you will need to enter recovery mode to flash an update or a hack for your device. If you have ClockworkMod ( CWM ) installed you can flash custom ROMs, backup and restore your device. A nandroid backup allows you to backup everything on your device, including the ROM, apps, contacts, and files, though it takes pretty much space. A Nandroid backup usually requires over 1GB of space.

While CWM can be pretty useful, it requires root access. And rooting your Galaxy Note 2 can void the warranty. Though if you decide to root it and install CWM on your Galaxy Note 2, please search our website, because we offer you very good guides and also methods of recovering the warranty.

In order to enter recovery mode, you will first have to turn off your device. Once it’s turned off, press volume up + power button + home button simultaneously and keep them pressed until you see the recovery mode. Once you’re there, get your hands off the buttons. This is everything you have to do and it might require a bit of skill, but after you do it for a few times it will feel much easier.

Another method, only for rooted devices with custom ROM installed, is by entering recovery mode directly from the power menu. It doesn’t work for all ROMs, but you should check if yours does have the feature. Keep the power button pressed for a couple of seconds and a menu will pop up. Now tap on “reboot” in that menu. You should see another menu with the reboot options, which are “normal,” “recovery,” and “download.” Choose recovery and your Galaxy Note 2 will reboot directly in recovery mode.

If you have any questions or encountered a problem, please let us know.

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