The Samsung Galaxy S8 devices are packing a Safe Mode that allows users to troubleshoot any problems that might have appeared on it.

When the Galaxy S8 phone is running in Safe Mode it will only load the applications that came installed with the device. By booting in Safe Mode you can easily look and determine which apps are making your Galaxy S8 to malfunction.

Note that the Safe Mode should only be used if you are an advanced user. If you are a beginner, then you simply use it to remove some unwanted apps that normally cannot be removed when you're device is booted in full mode. If you think that your device has started to develop some unwanted bugs or errors due to an app you have recently installed, then the Safe Mode should be used when removing said app. Bad or rogue apps when the device is booted in normal mode might not allow the phone admin account to remove them, and that is why the Safe Mode has to be used.

Here's how to boot the Galaxy S8 in Safe Mode with the device powered off:

  • press the Power button normally for it to boot.
  • immediately after the screen powers on you need to press and hold the Volume Down button until the phone successfully loads.
  • when the boot is complete you should see the "safe mode" text shown in the left hand part of your Galaxy S8 screen.
  • after you're done troubleshooting your device you can reboot it in normal mode.

If you want to learn how to boot the Galaxy S8 in Safe Mode right from the homescreen, then you should check the following instructions:

  • press and hold Power button for the Power options to load.
  • release all buttons.
  • next, tap and hold the Power Off button.
  • this will replace the Power Off with the Safe Mode icon.
  • tap once the Safe Mode icon and confirm the boot.
  • the phone will now restart and it will load the Safe Mode.

When you are done with troubleshooting the Galaxy S8 using the Safe Mode you can boot back into normal mode by simply restarting the device.

Note that in case you are troubleshooting some bad apps, then you will have to reboot in normal mode after you uninstall each individual app.

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