This tutorial will help you learn how to safely boot and use the Samsung Galaxy S10 Safe Mode. This guide is for advanced users who are looking to troubleshoot various problems and bugs that have started to appear on their devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Safe Mode allows users to troubleshoot their device by removing apps, and settings that were installed since you've bought the device the first time. Booting and loading the Safe Mode for your Galaxy S10 is done easily just by holding a button pressed during the boot process.

This post contains all the steps that you had to use in order to enter and successfully use the Galaxy S10 Safe Mode in order to fix any issues you're having with it. Please note that we cannot be held responsible in case you end up bricking your device, nor in case you end up losing any important data files while you're trying to fix whatever issue has your Galaxy S10 developed.

Various Samsung Galaxy S10 devices have been reported not being able to boot successfully in normal mode, and that is why Android devices' OS is packing a 'Safe Mode' alternative and allow users to fix their devices easily. Note that this mode will feature all the installed apps, but not all of them will work in Safe Mode, which is why you will have to rely only on those apps that have come pre-installed with the Galaxy S10 device.

Before starting to troubleshoot your Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone you should first try to create a full backup for all the installed apps. Check our other here guide on how to do that.

How to boot Samsung Galaxy S10 in Safe Mode:

  1. Press and hold the Power button to load up the "power options".
  2. Now, press and hold the Power Off icon shown on the screen of your device.
  3. The Safe Mode boot option should load now.
  4. Tap once the Safe Mode icon.
  5. The phone will restart in Safe Mode now.

In case your phone is powered off and you want to boot it in Safe Mode from there, then you should be checking the other instructions below:

  • if the device is powered off you need to press Power button until it boots up.
  • when the Samsung logo shows up you can release the Power button.
  • now press and hold Volume Down key until the reboot is complete.
  • the "safe mode" info text should be listed on your device's screen when the boot is complete.

The Galaxy S10 can be used after the safe mode boot is complete. If you're experiencing problems with it in normal mode, then the Safe Mode is your best bet when it comes to fixing any type of bug your Galaxy S10 has developed.

After you are done with the Safe Mode Galaxy s10 troubleshooting process you can reboot your phone in normal mode the usual way: press Power until the Power options load, select Power off and wait for normal boot to complete.

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