The Download Mode is a hidden system section of your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone that can be used to flash new official Android updates manually. In order to boot Download Mode you will need to be an advanced user, as any change you are applying using it will impact the performance of your device.

Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phones is mostly used by advanced users that are looking to update their phones using the Odin app. If you don't know what Odin is, then you should look here. Installing an official firmware manually can be done only using a computer running the latest Samsung USB Drivers, get these here.

Before applying any changes on your Galaxy S7 Edge phone you need to make sure that the battery charge level of your phone is over 50%, so that the device won't power off while it boots the new OS firmware for the first time.

The best thing about Download Mode, Galaxy S7 and the Odin app is the fact that you can use them to restore your phone to stock Android firmware even after you've installed a custom ROM on your device. Simply get an official Android firmware tar.md5 file, load it in ODIN, connect the phone to PC via ODIN and then confirm the updating process.

Note that we cannot be held responsible in case you brick your Galaxy S7 Edge phone nor in case you lose any important data files in the process.

The Download Mode on Galaxy S7 should be used only by advanced users. If you're a beginner looking to learn more about your phone's capabilities and hidden menus, then you should strictly do it under the supervision of an advanced user.

How to boot Download Mode for Galaxy S7 Edge:

The tutorials listed below are working for any model number of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Method 1: Boot Download Mode using the Galaxy S7 Edge hardware buttons:

  1. Switch off your smartphone completely.
  2. Press and hold Volume Down, Home and Power buttons simultaneously.
  3. Release these buttons when the Warning screen pops up.
  4. Now, press Volume Up to confirm Download Mode boot.
    - press Volume Down if you've changed your mind and you want to reboot the device back in normal mode.
  5. When the "downloading" or other similar text appears on your screen you will know that the Download Mode has been booted successfully.

You can connect your device to your PC via usb cable and apply the changes you need.

Method 2: Boot Download Mode for rooted Galaxy S7 Edge device from homescreen:

If your device is rooted, then you can safely boot Download Mode using a 3rd party app. Here's how to do that:

  1. Go to Google Play Store and install Quick Boot Reboot app.
  2. Launch the app on your computer.
  3. Tap on Bootloader/ Download option.
  4. Confirm root access and then confirm that you want Quick Boot to load Download Mode for your device.

Wait until the Download Mode boot is done before installing any new files.

If you can't boot Download Mode successfully at your first attempt, then you should repeat the steps above until you get it right.

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