You can check the info posted in this article in order to learn how to boot your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus in Download Mode.

If you were looking for the Galayx S8 Plus Recovery Mode boot guide go here.

The Download Mode of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus allows its users to install new updates manually. These updates can be flashed on your phone easily as long as you boot Download Mode and use ODIN to complete the installation.

You can use the Download Mode on your Galaxy S8 Plus in case you end up bricking it, as you can download a complete image of an Android OS and flash it using the ODIN app. This process will fix your device and it will force it to boot in normal mode.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is the first Samsung device that doesn't feature the Home button, which means that the Download Mode cannot be booted like before. However, Samsung has added a new button on the side of their Galaxy S8 Plus called the Bixby button. Bixby is a new smart UI from Samsung that should offer an alternative to Google Now, and the button that triggers it appears to have to taken over the functions usually attributed to the old Home button.

How to Enter Download Mode for Galaxy S8 Plus:

  1. Switch off the Galaxy S8 Plus.
  2. Press and hold Volume Down + Bixby + Power buttons.
    Release the buttons when the Warning screen loads on your device.
  3. You have to press Volume Up to confirm Download Mode.
    - press Volume Down to cancel Download Mode boot.
  4. Download Mode menu will show up and you can connect it with your PC.
    If you wish to reboot the phone in normal mode you have to press and hold Volume Down + Power buttons for ten seconds.

In case you can't boot Download Mode manually, or you wish to do it using ADB commands entered on your computer's console, then you should check the other guide below.

How to Enter Download Mode on Galaxy S8 using ADB Fastboot commands:

  1. Download the ADB Fastboot drivers for your computer's OS from the corresponding links below:
    - for Windows click here.
    - for Linux click here.
    - for Mac OS click here.
  2. When the download is completed successfully you can extract the archived contents. Save the Platform-tools folder on your PC main system partition.
  3. Now, download the Samsung USB drivers from here and install them on your PC.
  4. Launch the Windows CMD / terminal window.
  5. Connect your smartphone to computer using the USB cable.
  6. Enter adb devices to verify that the smartphone has been detected by the computer.
  7. To enter Download Mode you need to enter the following command line: adb reboot bootloader
  8. The Download Mode will appear. To reboot press and hold Volume Down+ Power buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.

These were all the steps that you had to follow in order to learn how to boot your Galaxy S8 Plus in Download Mode.

In case you root your device, then you have to know that you can boot it in Download Mode using a small tool capable of restarting your device straight from its UI.

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