If you want to hard reset and restore your Galaxy Note 10 to its original settings and options, then you should check the instructions listed in this post.

A factory reset of the Galaxy Note 10 is mandatory in case the device has started to show lots of bugs, apps that have started to crash suddenly, or any other sign of major malfunction that makes the phone unusable in normal conditions.

The Factory Reset process can be applied on any Android devices, and you should know that the process will delete all the data from the system partition. Note that no files from the internal storage will be removed by this tutorial.

If you want to be safe from losing any important data files, then you will have to backup all the important files before starting the process. Also, any external storage you have connected to your Galaxy Note 10 will not be affected by the factory reset.

How to Factory Reset or Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10:

  1. Power off the phone.
  2. Press and hold Volume Up + Power/ Bixby key until the screen of your device turns blue.
  3. Now wait for the Recovery Mode options to load. It shouldn't take more than one minute.
  4. To start the Factory Reset you simply need to select "wipe data/ factory reset" option. Select it using the Volume buttons.
  5. Confirm the "wipe data/ factory reset" using the Power button.
    Wait for the Factory Reset process to complete.
  6. Reboot the device in normal mode when you are done with the Factory Reset.

These were the steps you had to take in order to completely wipe the system partition of your Galaxy Note 10 and hard reset it. Now that the phone has been restored to its factory settings you will be asked to enter your original Google account and regain control over your device once again.

If you need more help completing this guide, then you can tell us in comments below and we will try to come up with a working solution for your troubles.

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