Think about misplacing or even, in the unfortunate situation to end them all, completely loose your Android device. Yes, grim, isn't it?

Fortunately, here at we love Androids so much we compiled together 5 methods to help you locate your phone or tablet, get in touch with who may have found your precious Android device, or prevent total chaos in case it can not be recovered. The last step, even if not a great outcome by all means, still ensures important information is protected and huge potential costs on your bill avoided (calling your operator to block the plan can take a while).

Some of the solutions below imply installing an app previously on the device. Others are straightforward and simple, for those that did not plan ahead too much or that do not like apps on their Android (strange!)

1. Lookout. No, there's no crashing air-plane on a collision course to your office. It's the name of a company specialising in mobile security, and they have an extremely useful solution called Plan B. This does not requires pre-installed software on the device, so if you lost it close-to-brand-new, Plan B will still help you. This Android-saver may also help you if anything else, from the present list or beyond, fails. Hence the name of this service. Head on to the Lookout blog for more info. This option is currently available in the US only, with n AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile and only on Android 2.0.

2. Setup information for Contact Owner on your Android device, so that if someone finds it they can know who it belongs you and, hopefully, contact you. You can customize a short message and, most important, add identifiers and contact information. It's simple, the feature is added in any Android OS ever made (and most other decent mobile operating systems, for that matter of fact), and once you've done it it's there for good, you can just forget about it and live a happy life.

3. Where's My Droid is a a complete security package for misplaced or stolen Android devices, regardless of make. Once installed, this app lets you turn the ringer up and on full-blast by sending a text (from another phone, let's say), if your device has GPS,  it can also use it to track your phone down. Most important, Where's My Droid  can prevent keep thieves from making certain changes to your device.

4. Getting a solid antivirus package on your Android device is highly recommendable in any circumstance. In case you are concerned about loosing or misplacing your Android, it will please you to know that most antivirus makers have also implemented features to lock down the device or track it down using Google Maps, with GPS or even simple tower-tracking if your provider allows this. This way, if you lost your Android and are regretting not having installed some fancy lost-device third-party app, remember the good old antivirus - it may save you! So go ahead and get  AVG AntiVirus or Lookout Security & Antivirus. Can't go wrong

5. Your service provider is getting those bills each month, right? Ask for their help! They might offer apps to help with device loss. T-Mobile and Verizon each have Android apps that can help secure your device and more. A search on the Android Market (Google Play) using strings such as "lost" and the carrier name can also yield satisfying results.

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Heed our warning and plan ahead, best be safe than sorry! The means and hints we provide should sort out most situations. Will keep you posted with the newest and most efficient solutions. We love Androids and hate loosing stuff and snatchers, so be sure we'll do our best in terms of guides on how to find lost Androids or at least recover some data and prevent damage to some other.

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