Like on any other Android-based device, on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus you can manage everything that’s related with your contacts from the default contacts manager app.

Since we’re talking about a functionality featured by default on your phone, the problems that are related with it are usually minor and refer to some software glitches.

Anyway, if you experience the ‘Unfortunately, Contacts has stopper’ error message on your Galaxy S10 Plus and you don’t know what’s causing this behavior, don’t panic. The error message states that contacts app crashed.

I know; it’s really frustrating to receive such system errors and not be able to use the contacts manager. And that’s why I’m here for you. Below you have the troubleshooting solutions that can help you solve the ‘Contacts has stopped’ error on your Galaxy S10+.

Quickly fix ‘unfortunately contacts has stopped’ error on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Start with a force restart

When experiencing system or firmware problems the first solution is a simple one: force restart your Samsung device. In that way you can refresh its memory and also reload the default apps and the overall Android functionality.

Therefore, go ahead and:

  1. Hold and keep holding the Volume Down button on your phone.
  2. Keep doing that and simultaneously press and hold the Power key too.
  3. Keep holding down both buttons for more than 10 seconds.
  4. Wait while your phone reboots.

Clear cache for the Contacts app

If the contacts manager is still unresponsive, don’t worry. The next thing to do is clearing cache of Contacts app.

Thus, follow:

  1. Pull down the notification panel on your SGS10 Plus.
  2. From there navigate towards Settings.
  3. Find the Apps entry and access it.
  4. Tap on Contacts.
  5. Then go to Storage and select Clear Cache.

You can also clear data of Contacts app – from Apps, after clearing cache also choose the Clear data option.

Reset settings on your Galaxy S10+

If you choose to reset all settings on your smartphone you might be able to fix the problems that are related with the contacts manager. So, let’s try this troubleshooting solution too:

  1. Access the Settings menu on your handset.
  2. Switch to General management.
  3. Touch on Reset.
  4. Confirm by choosing Reset Settings.
  5. Tap the Reset Settings button.
  6. If asked, enter your PIN, password or pattern.
  7. Tap on Reset for one last time.
  8. Wait a few moments.
  9. Restart your phone in the end.

Clear system cache

I know that you already deleted the app’s cache, but maybe the problem is more persistent. That’s why it’s time to clear system cache from recovery mode as showed below:

  1. Switch off your Galaxy S10 Plus.
  2. Enter recovery mode on your phone.
  3. In recovery select ‘wipe cache partition’.
  4. Also choose ‘wipe dalvik cache’.
  5. When done, return to main menu of recovery.
  6. Choose ‘reboot system now’.

Hard Reset your device

You can try to solve the ‘Contacts has stopped’ error on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus by making a hard reset. In this way you will fix the problems that are caused by third party apps such as software conflicts or mismatches.

You can learn how to complete this process by following our dedicated tutorial on how to make a hard reset on the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Do note that during the master reset your personal data, info, accounts and files will be all removed. Thus, it’s more than recommended to backup your phone before doing anything else.


Well, the troubleshooting steps from above should help you fix the errors related with the contacts manager on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

If you’re still dealing with the same issue, a good idea might be to use Odin for manually reinstall the stock Android firmware on your phone.

Let us know what worked for you and stay close for further and similar tips, tricks and useful tutorials compatible with your own Android-based smartphone. Enjoy.

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