If your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has problems running the Facebook app, then you can check all the instructions posted below in order to try and fix it.

The Facebook app comes pre-installed on the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus devices, and if you are experiencing random crashes and other issues when running the app, then you should be able to troubleshoot them easily. Most times the Facebook app can be restored to its original settings by wiping all of its data and re-opening the app and log back into your account.

How to Fix Facebook Not Working and Random Crashes on Galaxy Note 10:

The Facebook app might crash and experience issues for a multitude of reasons. Before trying to apply any of the methods below you should simply try to reboot your phone and re-launch the Facebook app after the restart is done. Also, you should backup the photos and files downloaded using the Facebook app, as those will be wiped using some of the methods presented below.

Log out and log back into Facebook:

Launch the Facebook app and log out of your account, then reboot the phone and launch Facebook app again. Use your account details to log back into the app, and now test its functionality. If the app now works without any issues and you're not experiencing any other issues, then you can close this post and test the app further. If the issue returns at a future time and Facebook continues to crash, then you should check the other methods below and learn what else you can do to fix your device.

Clear Facebook App Cache and App Data:

Another thing that you can try would be to clear and wipe all the data stored by the Facebook app since you first launched it on your Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Check the steps below in order to clear the whole data stored by Facebook:

  • go to Settings.
  • open Apps menu.
  • find Facebook in the list and open it.
  • tap the Storage option.
  • first use the "clear cache" option.
  • next use the "clear data" option and confirm.
  • reboot the phone and test the Facebook app.

If the issue is still present and Facebook isn't working as it should, then you will have to check the other methods below.

Factory Reset Galaxy Note 10 Plus:

The last method that you should try would be to factory reset the device. Make sure to backup all your important data files before starting the factory reset. Note that by factory resetting your phone you will lose all the installed app and the system partition data.

The internal storage of your Galaxy Note 10 will not be affected by the Factory Reset, so all your photos and other similar data will not be removed. Check the How to Factory Reset Galaxy Note 10 guide in order to reset it successfully.

If you need more help using the instructions in this post, then you should tell us in comments.

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