If your Galaxy S10 microphone crashes randomly or it has stopped working completely, then you will have to try and fix it yourself. Note that the guides below should be easy to follow, but you need to be an advanced user for some, as you will be asked to wipe data in case the device cannot be fixed.

The "microphone has stopped" error is an unusual one, but it might appear randomly on various Galaxy S10 units. The easiest fix for this issue would be to restart your smartphone and it will go away. If the problem persists even after the restart then you should check the guides below and you should be able to troubleshoot the device.

How to fix "Microphone has stopped" error on Galaxy S10:

First thing you need to try is to reboot / power off and on the device just like I said above. If the issue doesn't go away then you can follow the extra info below.

If the microphone app works in all apps, but it fails to run when used with a particular app, then you should clear that app's data like this: go to Settings> Apps and find the app that has microphone issues> open the Storage menu of said app and use the "clear data" option. Confirm and relaunch the application to verify the microphone's functionality.

Disable Galaxy S10 Bixby Voice:

Some Galaxy S10 models are having problems running the Bixby Voice app, so you should try to disable it and see if that fixes the microphone's problems. Go to Settings and open the Apps list. Find Bixby Voice and use the "force stop" and "disable" options. If you can't find it in the Apps list, then skip this step.

Reset Galaxy S10 App Preferences:

Sometimes these problems appear due to some app settings malfunctions, so you should try to reset all the Galaxy S10 App Preferences to their default values. Here's how to do it: go to Settings> Apps> tap the 3-dots icon and select the Reset App Preferences option. Confirm and reboot the Galaxy S10.

Final Solution: Factory Reset the Samsung Galaxy S10 using the Recovery Mode:

This method requires you to backup all your important data and files before starting the process. The Factory Reset will remove all the data from your smartphone and it will restore it to its original default OS state.

If you are not sure that the Factory Reset process will fix the problem, then we recommend you taking your phone to a professional Samsung repair shop, as they will be able to correctly diagnose the issue.

If you want to go ahead and factory reset your Galaxy S10 device then check the steps below and learn how to do it using Recovery Mode:

  • power off the device.
  • press and hold Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons at the same time.
  • release the buttons when the Blue background with an Android logo is shown by your Galaxy S10.
  • now wait 30 seconds for the Recovery Mode options to load.
  • select 'wipe data/ factory reset' option and confirm the process.
  • reboot your phone in normal mode and you are done with these steps.

If the issue has been fixed by the Factory Reset, then you are done with the entire post. If the issues persists even after the factory reset, then you should send your phone in to a Samsung repair shop, as the issue is most probably hardware related. If you need more help with this post, then use the comments field below and we will gladly offer a solution.

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