The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is a powerful device, but like any other high-end Android based smartphone it can run into problems from time to time. And if that problem is the ‘not charging’ malfunction we know how you might be feeling.

Yes, we know, such issues shouldn’t happen when new devices are involved. But, it does happen and it’s not always about a hardware component. The not charging issue might be related with a software glitch, so you first have to figure it out whether you’re facing a hardware or a software problem.

Of course, if the malfunction is caused by a hardware problem, then you will have to take your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus back to store and ask for technical assistance. Since the phone is new, you shouldn’t have problems while reclaiming the warranty agreement. Anyway, if your Galaxy S10 Plus isn’t charging because of a software mismatch, then you can try to fix the error by yourself. And in that regard you can use one of the following troubleshooting solutions.

How to fix the Galaxy S10 Plus not charging issue

Preliminary analysis

Before trying to solve the not charging problem you should inspect your smartphone. Verify it for any visible damage and also make sure that it isn’t overheating. If you notice any hardware damages or if the phone heats so bad that you’re not confortable when holding it, a good idea is to take it back to service right away.

Otherwise, if you didn’t drop your phone or if there isn’t any sign of a hardware damage, go ahead and follow the troubleshooting tutorial that’s explained below.

Check for moisture contact

Your Galaxy S10 Plus is equipped with a moisture sensor. If the S10 Plus not charging issues is happening because of some water damage you will most likely receive the ‘moisture detected’ warning. Now, you can fix this problem in different ways, by following the steps explained in our dedicated guide: ‘fix moisture detected warning on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus’.

However, if this alert isn’t displayed and you are still trying to charge your phone with no luck, don’t panic and resume the next troubleshooting solutions.

Verify the integrity of your charger

First of all you need to verify the charger and its USB cable. Make sure that it runs correctly – if you can, try to use another charger on your S10 Plus and see if the problem is fixed.

Also, clean the ports from the charger where you usually plug in the USB cord. You can use a small brush or a can of compressed air. Afterwards, clean the USB cable and make sure that everything can be connected without further issues.

Finally, verify the charging port on your Galaxy S10 Plus. Clean this port and make sure that all the pins are correctly set.

Force-restart your Galaxy S10 Plus

The not charging issue might be cause by a software bug. So, if there’s any battery power left on your phone, you should initiate a force-restart. In this way you can reset the apps that are running in the background and you can refresh the Android UI.

For being able to force-reboot your Samsung branded device follow: press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons for more than 10 seconds. During this time your smartphone should reboot by itself.

In the end try to charge your handset and see what happens. If the not charging issue is still there, go to the next troubleshooting method.

Charge your S10 Plus while it’s turned off

That’s right, the charging process might work just well if your smartphone is switched off. So, try to charge its system while it’s turned off.

So, if the charging process goes well while the Android UI is powered off, you will know that the problem it’s related with the Android core system. In that case a factory reset might help you fix the issue – if still possible, before initiating the hard reset, choose to backup your data: contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, audio files, market apps, internet settings, calendar info, saved passwords and so on.

Moreover, try to charge your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus by using a wireless charger. If the wired solution isn’t working, the wireless one might save your day.

Anyway, if in the end you just cannot fix the not charging problem, maybe the best thing to do will consist in taking your phone back to store. Don’t be afraid, the warranty will cover this issue as it should, as after all, such malfunctions shouldn’t happen on new Android based devices.

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