If your Samsung Galaxy S10's display has started flickering and you haven't dropped or kicked it, then something might be wrong with the software. Check the info below and you will learn what you can do to try and fix the screen flickering on your Galaxy S10 device.

If the device has been dropped on a hard surface or in water, and its screen has started flickering after that, then you most probably will need to send the Galaxy S10 to a smartphone repair shop, as it surely suffers from permanent damage and it needs to be fixed by a professional.

You can try to look for new software updates, and install them in case these are available for your Galaxy S10 device. Go to Settings> Software Update> Download and Install menu. Also, another thing you can try is to "adjust the brightness level" and see if the issue persists over all the brightness levels.

If the Galaxy S10 has started to flicker randomly without having suffered any damage, then you might be lucky and the phone can be fixed by yourself. Try to power off the device, leave it turned off for five minutes and then boot it up again. If the flickering continues, then you should boot the Galaxy S10 in Safe Mode.

Booting the device in Safe Mode will load only the default software apps and it shouldn't have any screen flickering. Here's how to boot Safe Mode:

  • press and hold Power button for two seconds until the "power options" load.
  • now you have to tap and hold the "power off" option.
  • the icon will turn into "safe mode".
  • tap once the "safe mode" option to confirm the boot.
  • wait for the phone to boot in Safe Mode.

After the Galaxy S10 has completed the Safe Mode boot you can check to see if the flickering continues. If not, then the problem is surely software-related and you can fix it using the info below.

If the screen still flickers in Safe Mode, then the problem is bad and you will need to send it to a professional smartphone repair shop.

You can try to wipe the cache partition and see if the problem goes away, and you can also try to Factory Reset the device, too. These two processes are done via Recovery Mode:

  • power off the phone.
  • press Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons at the same time.
  • release the buttons when the Android logo over a blue background loads and wait for Recovery Mode to load.
  • select the 'wipe cache partition' from the Recovery Mode options.
  • confirm and reboot phone in normal mode.

If the screen continues to flicker, then you can try to Factory Reset the device, too. Before applying the factory reset you need to backup your important data.

To Factory Reset the phone you have to apply the steps above, and select 'wipe data/ factory reset' option instead of the 'wipe cache partition' one. Confirm the process and then wait for it to be done. Reboot the phone in normal mode and you are done.

In case you are still experiencing problems with the screen and you don't want to send it to a professional just yet, then please list all the problems your Galaxy S10 is experiencing in the comments below. We will try to offer you support and help you find a solution.

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