Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus keeps lagging or it becomes sluggish without any real reason? If so, don’t panic as we’ve got you covered. This tutorial will explain the troubleshooting steps that must be followed when lagging issues are occurring on your S10 Plus.

Usually, lagging issues appears on outdated Android-based devices. It might be because outdated apps, or because of the outdated Android systems itself. Also, low storage space might cause a sluggish Android experience, but we all know that these can’t be the reasons why you are dealing with these issues on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

You are using a powerful device, with a stable and up-to-date Android platform. So, the Android experience should be smooth and fast all the time. But, why you’re still experiencing the lagging behavior?

The reasons can be different from one situation to another. But, in most cases you’re actually dealing with a software glitch, or with something that isn’t running properly within the Android core system. Thus, let’s see how you can fix these malfunctions without wasting any more time.

Troubleshooting solutions for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus that keeps lagging

Initiate a force restart

Yes, that’s right; even if it sounds a little bit childish, an actual force reboot operation can fix this lagging behavior. A fresh restart will make your phone boot only on default settings, so if something went wrong within the Android OS, on a new restart everything should be fixed.

Just try it out and see what happens. You can learn how to force restart the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus by using our dedicated tutorial.

Access and use Android Safe Mode

Going to safe mode can tell you whether the lagging issue is related with a recently installed app or not. You see, in safe mode only built-in apps and processes are initiated. The third party ones are disabled by default.

Therefore, if while using your phone in safe mode everything runs smoothly, it’s clear that your problems were caused by certain apps. Thus, then you have to look through the recently installed apps. Just start uninstalling tools that can’t be trust – you can remove them one by one until the issue is fixed.

Use our tutorial and see how to enter safe mode on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Reset Settings

Another way in which you can try to fix the Galaxy S10 Plus that keeps lagging is by resetting all the Android settings. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Open Apps tray on your Samsung branded device.
  2. Then, tap on Settings.
  3. From there navigate towards General Management - > Reset and hit Reset Settings.
  4. Confirm by tapping on Reset Settings.
  5. If asked, enter your PIN code.
  6. Once more, tap on Reset Settings.
  7. Wait a few moments.
  8. The phone will restart by itself.
  9. In the end the issues should be addressed.

Make a hard reset and delete system cache

A process might run in the background or it can be stuck there. Or, maybe some software conflict is causing this malfunction on your device. Either way, you should be able to solve it once you complete a hard reset and delete system cache.

This process can be completed from recovery mode and implies in performing a full wipe on your handset. Shortly, you will refresh the Galaxy S10 Plus by removing everything that wasn’t there from day one, including your personal data, info, accounts and files.

Note: backup the files which might still be required afterwards. Otherwise you will lose everything that’s important for you. On your Galaxy S10 Plus you can easily backup your data in different ways: you can use Samsung cloud storage solutions, you can sync files with your Google Account, you can use an external storage device or you can use dedicated and already tested backup and restore apps from Google Play.

Learn how to make a hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and delete system cache by using the steps from our dedicated tutorial.

Hopefully, your smartphone is once more running without lagging. Do tell us how you managed to address the issue by using the comments field from below. If you have questions, don’t hesitate and contact us right away – we will try to assist you as soon as possible. Also, check out our ‘how to’ section for other tutorials on how to fix different problems on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

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