If you are not receiving notifications on your Galaxy S10 from any apps, then you should be checking the instructions we posted below. There are countless reasons why your notifications might not be triggered by installed apps, and you should be able to fix them using our info.

The most obvious advice we have for you is to verify that you haven't enabled the "Do not Disturb" mode on your Galaxy S10 by mistake. Also, make sure that the Power Saving mode, if enabled, isn't blocking notifications from apps.

Check for unwanted or suspect applications you recently installed:

If you know that you have installed any apps from unknown sources then it would be best to take another look at their settings and see if they aren't interacting with your phone's notifications. Another thing you need to do is to boot Safe Mode and test the notifications from there, too. Here's how to boot Safe Mode on Galaxy S10:

  • press and hold Power button until the power options are shown.
  • now tap and hold the Power Off option.
  • the Power Off icon will change to Safe Mode.
  • tap Safe Mode and wait for the Galaxy S10 to complete the boot.

Now, in Safe Mode try and see if the notifications are working. If the notifications are coming through in safe mode, then you should start removing some apps that might interfere with your phone's notifications.

Check Battery Optimization Settings:

The new Android firmware has a function called Battery Optimization, and some of its functions are going to stop apps from sending notifications in case they are configured wrong.

Go to Settings> Apps> tap the 3-dot icon and select "special access" option. Now tap on the "optimize battery usage"and use this menu to prevent the phone from optimizing any of the apps that you aren't getting notifications from.

Clear Samsung Galaxy S10 Cache Partition from Recovery Mode:

Another method that might work in helping you fix your device is the clearing of the cache partition. This process is done via Recovery Mode, here's how to do it:

  • power off the device.
  • boot it in Recovery Mode by pressing and holding Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons.
  • release the buttons when the screen shows an Android and then wait 30 seconds for the Recovery Mode menu to load.
  • select 'wipe cache partition'.
  • confirm process and you're done.

Reboot your phone in normal mode and test to see if the notifications are now sent your way.

Update Samsung Galaxy S10 to latest Android Firmware:

For this you need to go to Settings> Software Update> Download and Install update menu. If there is a new firmware ready to download, then you should confirm the updating process and your phone will take care of the rest of the process automatically.

In case the problems aren't fixed even after applying all of the above, then your last resort would be to Factory Reset your Galaxy S10.

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S10:

Before factory resetting your smartphone you should backup all of your most important data files. The factory reset will delete all the installed apps and restore all the Galaxy S10 settings to their original values.

  1. Power off the Galaxy S10.
  2. Boot it in Recovery Mode by pressing and holding Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons simultaneously.
  3. Release the buttons when the screen turns blue and an Android logo appears. Wait 30 seconds for all Recovery Mode options to load.
  4. Now you have to select 'wipe data/ factory reset'. Confirm the process.
  5. Reboot phone in normal mode after, and start settings all your previous settings.

These were the instructions you had to go over in order to make sure that you have fixed the notifications for your Galaxy S10 device. In case you need more help you should use the comments field.

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