The Samsung Galaxy S10 was launched last year which is enough time for it to develop some bugs and errors. If you're experiencing the "stuck on Samsung Logo" at boot, then you should check our guide below and learn how you can fix it and force your Galaxy S10 to boot in normal mode.

In case your Samsung Galaxy S10 can't boot or it gets stuck at the Samsung logo longer than it should normally do, then you might be forced to reinstall an original Android 9 firmware, perform a complete factory reset, or return it under warranty and wait for Samsung to fix it.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Stuck on Samsung Logo

Most times a device enters in a bootloop, or it gets stuck during boot process, it is because of faulty firmware. Android firmware will develop bugs over time and you should always try to keep it updated with the latest firmware possible.

In case your device doesn't run the latest firmware, and you're still waiting for the update to arrive, then you should get straight to the last part of this post and learn how to manually install a new firmware by yourself. There aren't too many faulty Galaxy S10 devices, but there are some that will get stuck at the Samsung logo from time to time.

If your phone doesn't boot at all, then you should be checking our other guide here. Keep in mind that all the guides are destined to be used by advanced users, and we won't be blamed in case you end up bricking your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone.

Power off the Galaxy S10 completely:

The Galaxy S10 doesn't have a removable battery, but you can still shut it down completely using the Power button. By powering off the Galaxy S10 device you might fix it, as devices might not boot after using the "restart" option instead of the "power off" one.

You can power off the phone completely by letting its battery drain until there is no juice left. After the phone powers off you can try to Power it on using the normal way, and if there is no action, then you will know that the battery is completely empty.

After the device gets powered off completely you can then charge it for an hour and then try to reboot it once again in normal mode.

Hard Reboot Galaxy S10 if it freezes during boot:

The restart action is easy to perform as you simply need to press a couple of buttons and it will take no more than a minute to learn if the device has been fixed.

With the device powered on you need to press and hold Volume Down + Power buttons simultaneously. Wait for the device to boot normally after that, and if it works you're done.

Reboot Galaxy S10 in Safe Mode:

In case the above info hasn't worked, then you should try and boot your device in Safe Mode. The Galaxy S10 smartphones are packing a Safe Mode option and you can use it to troubleshoot faulty apps or settings.

Make sure you're an advanced user before using this. The Safe Mode for Galaxy S10 can be accessed like this:

  1. Power off the Galaxy S10. If you can't turn it off for whatever reason, then you should let the battery drain completely, and then recharge it for 20 minutes.
  2. While the phone is powered off you need to Power it on normally.
  3. After the Samsung logo appears you have to release Power button, and then press Volume Down. Keep Volume Down pressed until the boot is complete.
  4. Now the "Safe Mode" text will be shown by the Galaxy S10.
  5. Release Volume Down button when the boot is done.

Now that you've managed to boot in normal mode you should try and revisit all the apps you've installed lately. Make sure to disable or uninstall all the suspect ones and see if that fixes the problems.

In case you do remove apps and the phone still doesn't boot in normal mode, then you should continue until you find the one that is making your device malfunction. If nothing works continue to the next step.

Boot in Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache or Data / Factory Reset Galaxy S10:

If none of the above work, then you will be forced to wipe the Galaxy S10 cache first, and then try to wipe all the data that is stored on its internal storage. If this doesn't work, then you can try to install a new firmware update using Odin tool - more about this can be found under the last step below.

The Galaxy S10 Recovery Mode allows users to remove data, wipe cache, apply updates, view logs, run tests and modify various parts of a device's operating system. Check the steps below in order to learn how to enter Recovery Mode for Galaxy S10:

  1. Power off the smartphone.
  2. Press and hold Volume Up until the blue "installing system update" screen is displayed by your device.
  3. Now all you need is wait until the Recovery Mode options are loaded. NOTE: the "no command" screen will appear before the Recovery Mode options, leave it be.
  4. First you have to select the 'wipe cache partition' and confirm the process. Reboot the phone in normal mode and see if it works. If otherwise get to the next step.
  5. Select 'wipe data/ factory reset' option and confirm. Reboot in normal mode and if the device manages to boot, then you're done with this post.

In order to navigate through the Galaxy S10 Recovery Mode options you need to use the Volume buttons and the Power button to confirm any action you wish to apply.

Install the latest Android 9 Pie, or newer, Software Update for Galaxy S10:

If you've applied the factory reset process and nothing's changed, then you might want to try and install a brand new official update using the Odin tool. You should have the USB Debugging enabled under your Galaxy S10 Developer Options menu.

If the USB Debugging option is not enabled you might not be able to repair your device. Note that this manual update should be done by advanced users, as we cannot be blamed if you brick your phone.

  1. Download and install on your computer the Samsung USB drivers from here.
  2. Download Odin3 v3.13.3 from here. Extract the contents and save them on your PC.
  3. Download the latest Android firmware from here. Look for the firmware that is destined for your region/ country.
  4. After the firmware is done downloading you need to extract its contents and save them on your PC.
  5. Make sure that your phone is powered off.
  6. Open Odin exe on your computer.
  7. Boot the Samsung Galaxy S10 in Download Mode. Do it by pressing and holding Volume Down + Bixby + Power buttons simultaneously.
  8. Release the buttons when a blue Boot screen loads. Press Volume Up to confirm Download Mode boot.
  9. Now you can connect your phone with your PC via usb cable. Wait for ODIN to detect and add your device.
  10. Go to Odin main menu and start loading the update files.
  11. In Odin click the BL button and load the firmware tar.md5 file that has BL in its name.
  12. Next, click AP and load the firwmare tar.md5 file with AP listed in its title.
  13. Click CP and load the CP firmware tar.md5 file.
  14. Finally you need to click on CSC and load the CSC firmware tar.md5 file.
  15. When done loading all the update files you simply need to click START in Odin and the update will be initiated.

Don't press any buttons until the update is done. These were all the instructions we had for you, and we hope that you've managed to fix your Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone and that it now it boots successfully.

If you still can't fix your Galaxy S10 after reading all of the above, then you should try and send your device to a certified Samsung repair center. They will surely have an answer for whatever problem your device has developed.

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