Check the instructions in this post in order to learn how to fix the Wi-Fi problems you're experiencing with your Samsung Galaxy S10. These issues are usually due to poor network configuration, but sometimes these might appear because the firmware of your device might have become corrupted.

The first thing that you should be doing when you're having trouble connecting your Galaxy S10 to your home Wi-Fi network would be to check your router settings and verify that its works properly. Also, try and restart both the phone and the router before applying any of the changes presented below.

Make sure that you first troubleshoot your router by restarting it and then reconfiguring the entire Wi-Fi connection especially if the up until now the Galaxy S10 was successfully connecting with the home router. Also, make sure to try and connect other devices to your home network and see if those are getting any Wi-Fi connection. If no other device is able to connect with your smartphone, then you will know for sure that the Galaxy S10 doesn't have any problems and you can look elsewhere for culprits.

In case your Galaxy S10 connects successfully with the Wi-Fi router, but the internal is slow and the signal is lacking, then we strongly recommend you to reposition the router in order to get the best possible signal connection. If you move the router closer to your device, and the signal continues to be weak, then you will surely need to replace it with a newer device. NOTE: if you are an advanced user, then you can upgrade the router's firmware and see if that fixes the problems - use the official website of your router's manufacturing company.

If you've changed the router settings, and applied all the instructions above, and your Galaxy S10 still cannot connect to your home Wi-Fi network, then you can try some of the methods below. Make sure that your device's battery charge is over 50% before attempting to apply any of the settings listed here, as you will be asked to reboot and use Recovery Mode in order to remove some default settings related to network connections.

Also, try to open your router's Wi-Fi Connection settings and verify that you haven't set the "maximum number of users allowed to connect" option at a low value. In case your router has reached its maximum limit of users, then you simply need to set a bigger value and you will be allowed to reconnect to your device immediately after changing the set value.

Forget the Galaxy S10 Wi-Fi networks:

Open the navigation bar and long tap on the Wi-Fi toggle for the Wi-Fi settings and list of networks to be loaded on your device. Now, long tap and use the "forget network" option. Confirm process and then reconnect using the correct login credentials. Also, you can reboot your device after forgetting the network, and try to reconnect to your Wi-Fi network after the reboot is done.

Try to Reset Galaxy S10 Network Settings:

Before taking any radical decisions you should try and reset the network settings of your device. This should restore all the network settings to their original state. Here's how to reset the Galaxy S10 network settings:

  • go to Settings menu.
  • find and open General Management.
  • tap the Reset option.
  • now tap Reset Network Settings.
  • when you're at the next menu you need to press Reset Settings blue button and confirm the process.
  • reboot your Samsung Galaxy S10 in normal mode when you're done.

Boot Galaxy S10 in Safe Mode:

In case you suspect that a specific app is blocking your network connection, then you should try and boot your device in Safe Mode and uninstall apps one-by-one until you find the one messing with your Wi-Fi settings.

Here's how to boot in Safe Mode: press and hold Power button, next, tap and hold the Power Off option shown by your display, and then tap once the Safe Mode icon. The phone will reboot in Safe Mode and you can verify the Wi-Fi connection. NOTE: if the Wi-Fi connection works in Safe Mode, then some app is surely the one that blocks you from connecting to your home Wi-Fi.

Wipe the Cache Partition from the Galaxy S10 Recovery Mode:

Usually when these types of problems are presented by a Galaxy S10 device they are related to cache, so you can try and wipe the cache partition and see if that solves all the issues. Below you can find info on how to wipe the cache partition of your device:

  • power off the Galaxy S10.
  • boot it in Recovery Mode using Volume Up + Home + Power buttons.
  • release the buttons when the "installing system update" blue screen loads.
  • wait a minute for all the Recovery Mode options to load.
  • select 'wipe cache partition' using the volume buttons.
  • confirm the process by pressing Power once.
  • when the wipe process is done you can reboot the Galaxy S10 in normal mode and see if that fixes the Wi-Fi problems.

NOTE: if the issue isn't fixed, then you might want to think about factory resetting the device using the same Recovery Mode steps listed above. Instead of selecting "wipe cache partition" option you will have to select "wipe data/ factory reset" one. Confirm the process and you should be done.

The Factory Reset is going to delete all the data from your smartphone, and you will have to reconfigure the whole device along with your account in order to restore its apps and settings.

These were all the steps that you had to follow in order to try and troubleshoot your Samsung Galaxy S10 Wi-Fi problems. In case you need any extra help completing the tutorial, then you should use the comments field below. Also, if you have a different solution feel free to share it with others, too.

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