Check the instructions we posted below and learn what you can do in order to repair the GPS Location problems your Galaxy S10 is experiencing. Note that some steps below should be applied by advanced Android users.

In case you are trying to use Google Maps, Waze or other similar app, and your Galaxy S10 is showing the "GPS location not working" error, and you know that it isn't because you haven't forgotten to enable the Location toggle, then you can try other methods.

If you end up not being able to fix the problems your device is having when you're trying to use the GPS, then you will be forced to 'factory reset' the Galaxy S10. This method is listed as the last one, so you should only apply it after you've exhausted all the other ones.

How to Repair GPS Location Problems and Bugs for Samsung Galaxy S10

If your Galaxy S10 is unable to use its GPS functionality, then you should take a look at the guides below and you might find a solution for whatever is wrong with your device.

Force Close the App using GPS and Location:

The first thing you need to do is to force stop the application that is trying you to use the GPS of your Galaxy S10 device. Go to Settings> Apps> and find the app you wish to close. Tap on "force close" option and confirm the process.

Reboot the phone after you close the app and verify the GPS functionality. If the problems aren't fixed, then you can continue with the rest of the instructions below.

Update Apps that are using GPS and Location:

The application that you are using to connect to GPS might not be updated to its latest version, so you should go to Google Play Store and update it. If a new update is available you simply need to confirm the download and your phone will take care of the rest of the process by itself.

If this fixes your problem please list the steps you took in comments, and make sure to tell us the GPS app you managed to repair by updating its installation.

Reset Network Settings for Galaxy S10:

Resetting the network settings of your device might fix the problems you are experiencing when using the GPS connection of your Galaxy S10. This is done easily: go to Settings> General Management and here you need to open the Reset menu.

Open the Reset Network Settings menu and confirm the process. After you apply these changes you can retry launching the GPS app and see if it works.

Reset Galaxy S10 App Preferences:

Another thing you can try would be to reset the app preferences for your Galaxy S10 device. This is acting as a soft factory reset only that you won't be losing any important data files and the only things getting restored to original settings are the installed applications.

The Galaxy S10 App preferences can be removed and restored to their original values using the following steps: go to Settings> Apps list and here you need to tap the 3-dot icon and tap on "Reset App Preferences" option. Confirm process and test the application after you're done.

Boot Samsung Galaxy S10 in Safe Mode and check for Bad Applications:

If you have recently installed any 3rd party apps from unknown sources, then one of these apps might be interfering with the GPS and Location functions of your device. In order to check the GPS functionality and make sure that its problems are due to a bad app, then you have to boot the device in Safe Mode and remove the suspicious apps.

Booting into Safe Mode can be done easily when your Galaxy S10 device is running in normal mode: press and hold Power button and wait for the Power options menu to load. Now, tap and hold the Power Off option for it to turn into "Safe Mode". Next, tap the "safe mode" option and wait for your Galaxy S10 to boot in normal mode.

When your Galaxy S10 is in the Safe Mode check to see if the GPS connection is working, and if it does you will need to start looking for apps that might prevent the GPS from being used when your phone is running in normal mode.

Remove each app you think might block the GPS from being used and boot in normal mode each time you remove an app.

Update Samsung Galaxy S10 to the latest Android firmware:

If the above instructions aren't helping you fix the problems you are having with the GPS connection on your Galaxy S10, then you should first try to update your phone to the latest possible firmware build. Go to Settings> Software Update and use the "download and install" option in order to check for new Android OS firmware updates.

If a new update is ready for your phone, then you should simply confirm the download and your Galaxy S10 will take care of the rest of the process automatically. After the update is done and it is installed successfully you should power off the phone for a couple of minutes. Boot the phone in normal mode and check the GPS connection functionality.

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S10:

The final method will require you to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S10 in order to restore the entire device to its original settings. Please create backups before you start the factory reset process for your Galaxy S10 device.

The Factory Reset method can be applied using the info below:

  1. Power off your smartphone.
  2. Boot the phone in Recovery Mode by pressing and holding Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons at the same time.
  3. Release the buttons when the screen goes blue and an Android logo is shown. Wait 30 seconds more for the Recovery Mode menu options to load.
  4. Select the 'wipe data/ factory reset' option and confirm the process.
  5. After the factory reset is done you can reboot the phone in normal mode.

These were all the steps you had to follow in order to try and fix the GPS connection and the apps using it. In case you need more help fixing the problem, then you should tell us in comments below. Make sure to leave as many details as you can about the steps you took and what kind of an error does your Galaxy S10 show.

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