If your Samsung Galaxy S9 has trouble sending or receiving text messages, then you can check the post below and learn how to fix this issue.

Most times when a text message doesn't get sent from your Galaxy S9 means that it is due to bad signal or some network issues. However, if the error persists and you are constantly denied from sending any text messages, then you have to do something about that and get rid of the problem. Please note that almost all the times when a major error like this is found on the Galaxy devices you will be forced to factory reset the device in order to get rid of all the issues.

If you end up factory resetting the Samsung Galaxy S9, then it would be best for you to create backups for all the important data files stored on your device. Note that you should only apply the changes below only if you are an advanced user, as we cannot be blamed in case you end up bricking the device.

If you don't know exactly your way around the Galaxy S9 system settings, then it would be best for you to take your device to a professional repair shop and have them take a look at it. Also, you can use the comments field to describe the issue you're having with your Galaxy S9 text messages and we will gladly offer some additional support specific to your phone's type of problem.

How to fix Galaxy S9 that is unable to send Text Messages:

The first thing that you have to try in order to troubleshoot the "Text Messages not being sent" problem is the power off and reboot device. If you reboot the phone you can retry to send a text message and check to see if that manages to fix the problem. Another thing you should try would be to send text messages to more numbers, as the issue might not be with your Galaxy S9 and with the recipient's phone instead.

In order to make sure that something is wrong with your Galaxy S9 text messaging service would be to ask one of your friends to send an SMS, too, and see if that one gets through and it arrives on your Galaxy S9. If the issue is manifesting both ways, then something is surely broken on your Galaxy S9 and you have to repair it.

Check the default Messages app you've set for your Galaxy S9:

You need to check and see if the Samsung Messages app is the default one. If you have recently installed any other Messaging apps, then one of these might have taken control over your text messages, and you should restore the changes. Here's how to check the default Messages app set on your Galaxy S9:

  • open the Messages app.
  • tap the 3-dots icon and select Settings.
  • find the "default SMS app" and open it.
  • select the Messages app and confirm.

If the Samsung Messages app was already set as the default one, then you have to continue to the next tutorial and see if you can find a fix for the app.

If Messages wasn't the default app, then you should try to resend some text messages and see if by setting is as default it gets rid fo the problem.

Reseat Galaxy S9 SIM Card:

If the Galaxy S9 has been dropped, then the SIM card might have moved and you need to reseat it. Remove the SIM card tray and reseat it, then reboot the phone and test the SMS text messaging service. If the problems are still present and you cannot send nor receive SMS then you have to get to the next tutorial.

Enable and Disable Airplane Mode:

Sometimes the Android system might get stuck or malfunction due to some problems with the network, and you can reset the network connection by simply turning ON and OFF the Airplane Mode.

Delete Old Conversations:

You can also try to delete older conversations, as the Messages app might get to its fullest capacity and the Galaxy S9 is not able to create new message conversations. Go into your Messages app and start removing any unwanted conversations and messages, in order to make room for others. After you've removed enough you can re-test the SMS Text messaging service. If this simple fix did the job for you and you are now able to send new SMS text messages, then you are done with this post.

Clear Messages App Cache and App Data:

Another thing that you have to try would be to cleat the App cache and App data for the Messages application. This will remove all the conversations from the app and it will restore it to its original settings. Here's how to do it:

  • go to Settings.
  • open the Apps menu.
  • find the Messages app in the list. Make sure to open the Samsung Messages app in case you have multiple others installed.
  • next, go to Storage and tap on "clear cache" option.
  • confirm.
  • now tap the "clear data" option, too.
  • confirm.
  • relaunch the Messages app, create a new text message and send it to verify the functionality.

If this doesn't work, then you need to continue to the next part of this post and try to reset the Network settings for your Galaxy S9.

Contact Your Carrier Network first and tell them the SMS Functionality is broken on your device:

If none of the above methods work, then you should try to Contact your network carrier and ask them if the problem is not on their end. Also, they should be able to provide the proper network settings for your device allowing you to change anything that might have gotten modified without your knowledge.

Reset Galaxy S9 Network Settings:

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Network Settings might have gotten corrupted, or some app might have changed how they work. You can manually reset the Network settings and see if that fixes the problems with the Messages app.

Go to Settings> General Management> tap the Reset option and then open the Reset Network Settings. Confirm the process by tapping once again the blue "reset network settings" option and confirm. Reboot the phone after you are done and test the Messages app once again.

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S9 in Recovery Mode:

If none of the above methods have fixed your Samsung Galaxy S9 Messages app and you are still unable to send and receive text messages, then you are forced to factory reset your device. The Factory Reset process will delete all the data from the system partition, and restore the entire device to the way it was when you first bought it.

Here's how to factory reset the Samsung Galaxy S9:

  • power off the device.
  • boot it in Recovery Mode by pressing and holding Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons at the same time.
  • release the buttons when the Galaxy S9 screen shows an Android over a blue background and wait for the Recovery Mode to load.
  • you need to select 'wipe data/ factory reset' option and confirm the process.
  • after this is done you can reboot the smartphone in normal mode.
  • add your Google account to your Galaxy S9 and regain control over your smartphone once again.

The factory reset process has removed all the data from system partition, and now you will have to reconfigure various basic settings before testing the Messages app. If you need more help completing this guide, then you can tell us in the comments field below. Make sure to list all the steps you took and where you got stuck during the process, so that we will be able to easily think of a working solution for your Galaxy S9 issues.

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