The Spotify app is one of the most used media apps on Android devices. If you are having trouble running Spotify on your Galaxy S9 smartphone, then you might want to take a look at the guides below and learn how to fix the app.

If the Spotify app constantly crashes or it gets stuck when you run it on your Samsung Galaxy S9 device. Spotify might crash due to a faulty app update or when a new firmware update is rolled out and the app hasn't been tested enough on newer firmware builds. Most instructions below should provide at least one working solution for the problems your Galaxy S9 is having running the Spotify app.

Before trying any of the steps below you should first try to restart the smartphone, and after that you can uninstall and reinstall the Spotify app. If the problems are gone after you've refreshed both the phone and the Spotify app, then you are done with this post.

Update Spotify app to latest version:

If you haven't updated the Spotify app in a long time, then you should first attempt to upgrade it to its latest version and then check to see if the issues are still there.

Go to Google Play Store and open the Spotify page to look for new updates. If a new update is ready to install you simply need to confirm the download and your Galaxy S9 will take care of the rest of the process automatically.

If the Spotify app fails to run after you have made sure that it runs the latest version, then you should check the other methods below.

Update your Galaxy S9 to latest Android Firmware version:

Go to Settings> Software Update and check for new updates to install. After you complete the update of your Galaxy S9 to its latest version you have to reboot the phone. Launch the Spotify app after the reboot is done and verify its functionality.

If the problems are still there and Spotify isn't working, then you will be forced to apply the extra steps in the guides below.

Clear Spotify App Cache and App Data:

If the Spotify installation has gotten corrupted, then you should clear all the data it has stored on your Galaxy S9. By clearing all the Spotify data from your Galaxy S9 you will remove have to re-login into the app in order to be able to use it once again.

First you should clear the app cache and then retry launching the Spotify app. Here's how to clear its cache:

  • go to Settings.
  • open Apps.
  • find the Spotify app in the list.
  • open the Spotify > Storage menu.
  • tap the "clear cache" options and confirm.

After the cache is cleared you can run Spotify again and test it. If the problems continue to manifest, then you will have to clear the data, too. here's how to do it:

  • go to Settings> Apps> Spotify just like you did in the guide above.
  • open the Storage menu.
  • tap the "clear data" option and confirm process.

After the data is cleared you should launch Spotify and now the app should launch and work without problems. However, in case the problems are still manifesting and the issues are still there, then you need to continue to the next guide.

Reset Samsung Galaxy S9 Network Settings:

Sometimes the Spotify app will have problems connecting to their servers and you should try to reset your device's network settings to see if that fixes the problem. Here's how to clear the Galaxy S9 Network Settings:

  • get to Settings.
  • open the General Management menu.
  • tap Reset.
  • open the Reset Network Settings menu.
  • tap Reset Settings and confirm.
  • Reboot your phone and you are done.

Launch Spotify to verify if it works. If the app still doesn't work, then you can check the extra info below.

Clear Galaxy S9 Cache Partition using Recovery Mode:

By wiping the cache partition of your Galaxy S9 you will remove all the settings and data your Galaxy S9 device has stored for all the apps you have installed since the first time you booted up your device.

Here's how to clear Galaxy S9 Cache Partition using Recovery Mode:

  • power off the phone.
  • boot the device in Recovery Mode: press and hold Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons at the same time.
  • release all buttons when the screen turns blue and an Android logo is shown, too.
  • select 'wipe cache partition' and confirm.
  • reboot phone in normal mode.

Re-launch Spotify and check it for any errors. If there are any crashes and issues shown by your device when running Spotify, then you might want to factory reset your smartphone using the info below.

Factory Reset Galaxy S9 from Recovery Mode:

If Spotify is your most used app and you are ready to clear all the data stored on your Galaxy S9 system partition in order to fix it, then you can do it by reading the info below.

The Factory Reset process will wipe the data from system partition and you will have to reconfigure it one more time after the process is done. Make sure to backup any important apps you have installed on your Galaxy S9 before starting the factory reset process.

The tutorial below will not delete any data from internal storage of your device, as only the system partition is going to be cleared in the process. All the installed apps will be removed and you will have to reinstall all of them after the factory reset is done. Here's how to factory reset the Galaxy S9:

  • power off the Galaxy S9.
  • press and hold Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons at the same time.
  • release the buttons when the screen turns blue with an Android logo drawn over it.
  • select 'wipe data/ factory reset' option and confirm process.
  • reboot Galaxy S9 in normal mode.

After the restart is done you can reinstall Spotify and test it. If the issues are gone after the factory reset process has been applied, then you are done with this post. If you need more help with the guides, then you can tell us in comments below.

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