Is your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus overheating excessively? If the back (and maybe the front) panel of your device is getting warmer and warmer by each day that passes by, you should consider in taking your phone back to store, or to service.

However, don’t panic right from the start. Usually, the overheating problem isn’t actually a sign of a hardware malfunction. In most situations you can easily fix the issue by yourself through dedicated troubleshooting solutions.

The overheating issue is quite a common behavior actually as almost all the Android–powered smartphones are dealing with it. It’s because there are so many hardware components equipped in a tiny place, where we also have the processor which is running on high frequencies.

And when we discuss about a high-end smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, you might just have to get used with the overheating situations.

Anyway, if the heating problem is persistent and if you cannot link it with a certain activity or process, we recommend you to take your handset back to service. You can still claim the warranty agreement, which will of course cover this problem, if there is one in the first place. But, it will be better to be precautions, especially after we have noticed the Galaxy Note 7 failure.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is overheating – the first troubleshooting methods to apply

Reboot your smartphone

Sometimes a reboot will be enough. If you feel that after you had used certain apps, processes or features on your Galaxy S10 Plus the back, or even the front, of your phone is getting heated up, initiate a reboot.

In that way you will end some of the processes that are running and you will offer a few moments of rest to your device. Also, after this reboot don’t use your smartphone for a few minutes. Hopefully, in the end it will be cooled down.

Try closing the apps that runs in the background

We usually tend to close apps by simply pressing on the Home key. That’s not quite recommended as those apps will not be closed but remained in a ‘on hold’ state. Shortly, the apps will be running in the background and that means used resources.

Well, as you can tell, the overheating issue might be caused by the tools and programs that are unnecessary using your Galaxy S10 Plus resources.

You can close these processes by taping on the Recent key and by choosing to Close all in order to quit all the apps at once.

Of course, you can also use specialized apps from Google Play in order to have a better view over the apps that are still using resources and which must be killed as soon as possible.

Adjust the resolution

If your Galaxy S10 Plus got overheated while you were playing a game, or while you were using a tool that required a lot of graphic resources, a good solution is to adjust the screen resolution.

By default the S10 Plus screen resolution is set to 2280 x 1080, which is the standard for FHD+. It should remain that way. However, if it’s set to WQHD+ we recommend you to downgrade it to FHD+, which is more than enough even when the most outstanding games, videos or photos are being displayed on your smartphone.

Don’t record 4K videos at 60fps

If it isn’t required, don’t shoot 4K, 60fps videos with your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. If you do, then the overheating problem will become a normal behavior, which will stop once you ended your shooting session.

Try to avoid using your handset while it’s being charged

This is a general rule: don’t use your smartphone while the charging process is taking place. Don’t worry, your S10 Plus will be charged fast enough so that you don’t miss anything important.

If you choose to use your phone while it’s being charged for playing games, or for doing who knows what else, don’t be surprised when starting to feel burns on your hand – that happens because your phone is over-used.

Uninstall recently installed apps

If the overheating problem was caused right after you installed a new app, go ahead and remove it from your device. Chances are all your problems are being related with this particular tool.

You can further verify such aspects by rebooting your smartphone into Android Safe Mode – as you know, in safe mode all third party app are disabled by default. So, if the overheating problem is addressed in safe mode you need to start uninstalling recently applied tools and software.

Final conclusions

Above we described the normal situations during which your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus might cause overheating problems. But, if it heats up without any apparent reasons, don’t think twice and take it back to store. There a more specialized tech-guy will be inspecting your smartphone and will eventually tell if there is something wrong with it, or not.

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