I know how important it’s to keep in touch with your friends, family members and coworkers. That’s why when a useful app such as WhatsApp keeps crashing on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus you need to figure out what’s wrong.

As you can already tell, there’s no need to panic. When WhatsApp keep crashing on a powerful device such as the Galaxy S10+ we’re usually talking about minor software issues which can be easily and quickly fixed.

In our case you will have to follow a few troubleshooting methods which will try to fix the errors that are causing the WhatsApp crashing behavior. Don’t worry, these methods aren’t complex and won’t require any technical skills.

So, let’s begin the actual tutorial and see what you have to do.

Easily solve WhatsApp that keeps crashing problem on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Force restart the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Right from the start you need to refresh your Galaxy S10 Plus. You have to refresh the virtual memory and reload the apps and pre-loaded services. In that way you can address minor software related issues such as the WhatsApp keep crashing error.

Do note that a normal or regular reboot won’t do the trick. You must initiate a force restart just as showed here:

  1. Take your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in your hand.
  2. Hold down the Volume Down button.
  3. While still holding down the Volume Down key, press and hold the Power button.
  4. Hold down these two buttons simultaneously for more than 10 seconds.
  5. Your device will start to reboot.
  6. That’s all; in the end try to use WhatsApp and see what happens.

Clear WhatsApp cache and data on your S10+

If the crashing behavior persists, maybe the problem is caused by WhatsApp. Well, if that’s true then you will be able to fix the issues by clearing the WhatsApp cache, as explained during the next steps:

  1. Pull down the notification panel on your Galaxy S10 Plus.
  2. Access Settings – it will be located on the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Go to Apps and search for WhatsApp.
  4. When you find the app, tap on it.
  5. Then choose Storage and pick Clear cache.
  6. In the end, reboot your Android device and you’re ready to test your app.

Reinstall WhatsApp on your Galaxy S10 Plus

You can also try to uninstall and then reinstall WhatsApp on your phone. In this way you get a clean install for the tool and you also get rid of any software malfunction that was previously caused by the same app.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Once again navigate towards the Apps option and access WhatsApp.
  2. From the list of options displayed choose the Uninstall one.
  3. Confirm by taping on Ok.
  4. Wait while the tool is being removed.
  5. Reboot your phone in the end.
  6. Finally, return to Android mode and go to Play Store.
  7. Search for WhatsApp and choose reinstall the app on your smartphone.
  8. Done.

Make a hard reset

If the WhatsApp issue is still running on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, you should try to initiate a hard reset. In this way you can be sure that if a software problem is behind this behavior it will be removed for good.

Just follow our dedicated tutorial on how to successfully perform a hard reset on the Galaxy S10 Plus and get back here and tell us if you finally managed to fix the WhatsApp issues.

If you need our further assistance, don’t hesitate and share all your problems with our team. We will try to assist you as soon as possible.

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