You may be one of the many people that doesn't keep their phone (or other handheld-ish neat Android mobile device) at hand all day long. Or maybe you're even one of the distracted folks that forger it in the car or at home ever so often. Heck, maybe you're one of my species that loves the good'ol PC so much they prefer to have all alerts pop-up in Google, with it's inbred, fluid Gmail.

What if the signal is not so good? Sometimes in the office you may have a poor network connecting, but the WiFi is running smoothly. So you could keep track of phone communication on the Internet, if only you knew how...

What do you say about getting your unread SMS-es, and those potentially vital missed calls, directly into Gmail? Sounds good...

Or maybe you don't miss the SMS-es and always respond to missed calls (or consciously ignore them) on the phone (or any other Android device), but would like a sort of archive / records kept automatically in Gmail.

Yes indeed here is a solution for each and any of the above people, and quite equally so for regular Android users - and well all know how many of us there are. Android army FTW.

Good, got it, done! Read below and head on to quickly setting your SMS and missed calls to forward over to Google, live!

Step Number ONE:

  • Download the SMS2GMAIL (or click here to get it via PC) app from the Android Market (the now notorious Google Play).


Step Number TWO:

  • You have two options labelled, take care of 'em both, by taping and pressing, baby! First is your faithful Gmail address and second your unbeatable, adamantium Gmail password.


Step Number.. Last:

  • Third and last, you select an <activation word>. Make sure this is not to simple or easy to guess.

How exactly does this trick work, and how do your SMSes and missed calls end in your Gmail? Does it happen all the time? All shall be revealed in the forthcoming lines.

You text your phone or device (using a friend's phone, Google Voice, or any other bright trickish way you may think of) with the activation word you previously created. Once your phone receives that keyword, it goes into "forwarding mode", sending over all your missed calls and unread SMSs (as well as the ones that arrive after the forwarding mode being initiated) to Gmail.

This stance will be maintained until you can reach your device and stop it, manually.




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