Earning digital currencies through apps is not that new - but the range of options at your disposal is often greater than crypto fans imagine. If you want to find new ways of dabbling in the side-gig culture, then earning crypto through various apps may be one of the most interesting.

The most popular app that has been developed to date that can offer you digital coins in return is SweatCoin. The app works by rewarding users for their daily activity. It records steps taken and for every 1000 steps will give you 0.95 Sweatcoins. These coins can be withdrawn to PayPal and even swapped for Amazon gift cards.

Although SweatCoin has become a crypto app sensation, it has some flaws, such as draining your smartphone battery swiftly and it takes some time - or physical effort - to gain worthy rewards. The good news is there is more than SweatCoin currently on the market. Check out these apps that can help you earn some digital coins.

#1: An App for Freelancers

You may be making some extra money or working full-time on platforms like Fiverr and People Per Hour, but do you know there is a freelancing app that pays you for different tasks in Bitcoin? All you need is this app, which goes by the name of Earn, and a Luno Bitcoin Wallet to get started.

#2: An App for Helpful Souls

Another app that is paying its users in Bitcoin is BitforTip. As the name somewhat suggests, this app is used by people who need information or answer questions to people requiring answers. If your answer or solution works, you can expect to receive a small slice of Bitcoin as a tip for your efforts and knowledge.

#3: An App for Writers

If you know how to string a sentence together or are a professional wordsmith, you will want to hear about Steemit. This app is being used by content creators so they can post their work and receive tips from the community who enjoyed reading their pieces. It may be a niche app for a small group of workers, but it is certainly making big strides in the online writing space.

#4: For those Non-Job Jobs

You don’t have to be a writer or a creative freelancer to earn digital currencies from apps either. You can also use the app, Storm, to do almost any task that isn’t really a job but someone will reward you for completing. It has become a marketplace for non-job jobs, but tasks that still need doing.

Many Apps, One Model?

The majority of these apps function by a reciprocal benefit. To earn cryptocurrencies on these apps you need to provide something first, whether it be answering a question, an article or opening the door for some generous crypto nut walking into the café. Nevertheless, they can be good for the crypto industry and the economy.

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