Below you can find instructions on how to easily fix your Facebook app, and get rid of any errors or bugs that the app has started to display. If you're a beginner and you don't know your way around the Galaxy Note 10+ settings, then you shouldn't attempt to change anything on your device.

If your Galaxy Note 10 Plus has issues with multiple other applications, then your best thing to do would be to factory reset the device. The steps teaching you how to restore your Galaxy Note 10 Plus to its original factory settings are listed at the end of the tutorial.

As you most probably have noticed Facebook app is pre-installed on the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, and this means that you can't get rid of it, but you can choose to disable it. If you end up disabling the Facebook app, then you should know that you can access the app from any browser you have installed on your device. However, if you want to fix your Galaxy Note 10 Facebook problems, then you can follow all the instructions below.

How to fix Facebook for Galaxy Note 10 Plus:

If the Facebook app keeps crashing or showing different errors and you cannot use the app, then you will have to apply all the methods we posted below. Note that some of the instructions below should be applied by advanced users, as you will be asked to wipe some data files and change important settings. If you can't complete any method, then you can tell us in comments and we will gladly help you apply the changes you want.

Log out of the Facebook app, Force Quit and Re-login:

If you can launch the Facebook app, then you should do it and immediately as the app launches open the Options menu and use the "log out" button. Confirm that you want to log out, then go to Settings> Apps> Facebook and tap once the "Force stop" button to close the app.

Reboot your phone now and launch the app after the restart is done. Use your login credentials and test the app functionality. If the problems continue to manifest on your Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Facebook cannot be used, then you need to try the extra methods below.

Make sure that Facebook App is Updated to latest version:

Go to Google Play Store and open the app's dedicated Play Store page. If a new update is ready for installation you simply need to hit the "update" button and your Note 10 Plus phone will take care of the rest of the process by itself. After the update is installed you can re-launch Facebook and test it.

If the app was already running the latest software version, then you can skip this step and continue with the next one.

Update Galaxy Note 10 Plus to latest Firmware possible:

If your phone's firmware hasn't been updated in a while, then you should look for new software updates by going to Settings> Software Update> Download and Install menu. If a new firmware upgrade is ready you should confirm the download and installation. Reboot your phone after the update is done and launch Facebook as soon as the boot is complete. If your phone was already sporting the latest possible firmware build, then you will have to try and apply the extra instructions in the other methods below.

Clear App Cache and Facebook App Data:

Sometimes an Android app will get its installation app data corrupted, and the only way for users to fix it will be to clear the entire app data and refresh the installation. Here's how to do it:

  • go to Settings.
  • open the Apps menu.
  • find the Facebook app in the list and open it.
  • go to Storage.
  • first you need to use the "clear cache" option.
  • next, tap "clear data" and confirm process.
  • open Facebook and log back into the app.

If the app continues to malfunction you might be forced to apply a 'factory reset' for your device. Check the next method below.

Factory Reset Galaxy Note 10 Plus using Recovery Mode:

If none of the tutorials above worked, then you will have to try and factory reset the device. The factory reset will wipe clean the system partition and it will allow you to reconfigure your Galaxy Note 10 Plus from scratch. Before attempting to apply the Factory Reset steps below you will need to backup all the important data from your favorite apps. The factory reset will wipe clean the system partition, so all installed apps and other data stored by the OS will be removed in the process. NOTE: no data will be removed from the internal and external storage.

Here's how to factory reset the Galaxy Note 10 Plus:

  • power off the device.
  • press and hold Volume Up + Bixby/ Power buttons until the screen turns blue.
  • wait for the Recovery Mode options to load.
  • use the volume buttons to select the Recovery Mode options you need to select, and confirm actions using the Power button.
  • select "wipe data/ factory reset" option and confirm process.
  • reboot phone in normal mode.

If you need more help you will have to tell us in comments. Make sure to list as many details as you can, so that we will be able to come up with a working solution.

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