If your phone shows the "moisture detected" notification, then it means that the device has some water in its charging slot. If you've waited enough and the alert is still there, then you can check some of the solutions below and learn how to remove the alert from your device.

All the Samsung Galaxy S9 units are waterproof, but in case you get the water in the phone's charging slot, then the "moisture detected" alert will stay active until the device dries up.

The first thing that you need to try is to get the water out of the charging slot, but you should make sure not to damage it. If you're unsure about how to dry up your device without damaging its charging slot, then you can also wait for the water to evaporate. The water should evaporate in a few hours.

In case you haven't dropped the Galaxy S9 in water, but the "moisture detected" alert is shown, then it might be due to some dirt or dust that has accumulated in the "charging port". In order to remove the dirt you can use a can of compressed air, as that should remove all the debris easily.

After you've cleaned the charging port and you're sure that there is no water in the charging port, then you might want to power off the phone and leave it like that for a couple of minutes. In case the error persists after the reboot, then it might be best to wait a few hours for all the water to evaporate from your device.

If the "moisture detected" alert is still shown after you've exhausted all of the above, then you can choose to take your Galaxy S9 to a professional repair shop, as there might be a bigger problem your device has developed.

An alternate method to get the moisture out of your Galaxy S9 would be to put your device in a jar filled with rice, or you can use a bag of silica gel. Please let us know in the comments if this worked and you fixed your device.

Another thing you can try would be to factory reset the Galaxy S9, but you should know that this is going to delete all the data from your phone, and you will have to backup all important files first. Here's how to factory reset the device:

  • power off the phone.
  • boot it in Recovery Mode: press and hold Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons at the same time.
  • release the buttons when the screen turns blue, and an Android logo is shown.
  • wait 30 seconds more for the Recovery Mode options to load.
  • select 'wipe data/ factory reset' option.
  • confirm process and reboot the Galaxy S9 in normal mode.

These were all the instructions you had to go over in order to try and get the moisture out of your phone. If you need more help, then you should tell us in comments and we will try to come up with solutions.

Also, if you can think of a different method on how to remove moisture and water out of the Galaxy S9, then tell us in comments below.

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