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How to Hard Reset HTC One X

The HTC One X can be restored to its factory reset pretty easily, as you will need to follow the instructions that I’ve listed in this post below.

A Hard Reset or a Factory Reset or whatever name you want to give to such process is extremely easy to apply. Note that you will lose all data that is stored on your device without any change of ever getting it back.

Read the entire post and you should be able to complete the guide without problems. Also, know that this tutorial should be applied by advanced Android users. Factory Reset is usually used when the phone displays various errors that cannot be removed otherwise, or in case you wish to sell the device or give it away, as you wouldn’t want for anyone to see all your private info such as contacts, photos, accounts and other files.

By applying a Factory Reset for your HTC One X you will delete all the Google Accounts stored on your device along with any other type of accounts, all the personal data, downloaded and installed applications, system settings, applications settings, data like music, photos, videos, documents and others.

If you want to backup any data files or application data, then you can use Helium for Android here. It works without root.

If you want to sync Contacts info with your default Google Account then you can use this guide here and learn.

N0w that you know all of the above you can continue to the next part of this post.

How to Factory Reset HTC One X using Settings menu:

  1. You first need to open the Settings menu.
  2. Go to the Backup and Reset section.
  3. Select the ‘Reset Phone’ option.
    – if you wish to delete data from internal storage, all data, then you can select ‘Erase all data’.
  4. Press the OK button and then wait for the phone to complete the process.

These were all the steps that you had to follow in order to successfully wipe your One X device clean of all files.

In case you cannot access the Settings menu, then you should use the guide below.

How to Hard Reset HTC One X via Recovery Mode:

  1. Try and disable the Fast Boot option from Settings > Power menu.
  2. Power off your the phone completely.
  3. Now you have to press and hold Volume Down, then press and hold Power.
  4. Release Power and wait for the Bootloader options to appear.
  5. Select the ‘Factory Reset’ option by pressing Volume Down one.
  6. Now you need to press Power in order to start the Factory Reset process of your One X device.

These were all the steps that you had to take in order to factory reset the phone.

In case you cannot complete the guide above successfully, then you should ask for extra help in comments.

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