Do you want to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy A5? If you do and if you need our help, then don’t hesitate and check the guidelines from below. During this tutorial I will explain you everything that’s related to the hard reset process, I will show you the risks implied and the advantages that comes along with this operation and, of course, in the end I will explain how to apply the hard reset procedure on your Samsung Galaxy A5.

Well, the first thing to talk about is about the general term of hard reset. This operation is featured by default on your Galaxy A5 just like on any Android device. That means, you can complete this operation officially and without using dedicated apps or custom procedures; in fact you will just have to use the internal settings from the Android system. Moreover, the hard reset process is the same thing with the factory reset operation – both terms are referring to the same aspect and the results are also identical.

What can you obtain if you choose to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy A5? In a few words, you will remove everything from the internal system of your Android device. I am talking about personal data, info and accounts along with custom features or apps – basically your phone will be restored back to its initial state. So, why should you factory reset your Galaxy A5? Well, the reasons are various, though we do have some important examples for you.

Let’s say you want to sell your smartphone to a stranger. In that situation you have to be sure that your data remains personal and that no one else have access to the same. Thus, you should remove everything from your device, which means that you will better hard reset your Samsung Galaxy A5. The same thing should be performed if you want to buy a device from a strange person – first, you have to factory reset the phone in order to make sure that you are getting a proper Android experience.

Also, the hard reset operation will become a must when you will try to install a custom ROM firmware on your Galaxy A5. In that case, the custom update will not work properly unless you previously wipe the system of your device. And the hard reset operation will be once more a life saver.

Finally, the factory reset procedure will be a blessing if you will want to fix software related Android issues. Therefore, you can now manually troubleshoot your Samsung Galaxy A5 by using the guidelines from below. In fact, a factory reset operation can fix issues like: boot loops, lags, bugs, force close errors, alerts, screen freeze, battery drain, heating problems and even total blackouts.

So, bottom line, in the end, after completing this operation, all your data will be wiped out. Because of that, you should of course, make a backup before going any further. In this way you can temporarily save everything from your Galaxy A5. You can start by storing your contacts list, call logs and text messages and you can also consider in backing up other things like market apps, internet settings, EFS folder, images, videos, audio files and anything else you think you might need afterwards.

Also, before heading towards the steps from below you should charge your smartphone – plug in the charger only if the battery power is currently lower than 50%; do that as if your device will get stuck or turned off during the hard reset process, it might also get damaged or soft bricked.

As mentioned, the steps from below will work by default on your Samsung Galaxy A5. You can therefore apply this tutorial if your phone is rooted, or locked, if it is running on stock Android OS or on a custom ROM firmware and even if your device is featured by a custom recovery image, or by the stock recovery software – thus, this is a general / universal step by step guide.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A5

Use the internal settings from your device

  1. You can easily perform this method by taping on “menu”.
  2. Then, pick “settings”.
  3. From there select “Backup and Reset”.
  4. Just choose “Factory Data Reset” and agree with the alerts that will be automatically displayed.
  5. In the end, tap on “Reset Phone” and just wait while your Galaxy A5 is being factory reset.

Complete the operation through recovery mode

  1. For this method, accessing recovery mode on your Galaxy A5 is a must.
  2. So, first turn off your smartphone.
  3. Then, press power, volume up and home buttons at the same time.
  4. Once in recovery, use volume up and down buttons in order to navigate and power key to select.
  5. Choose “wipe data factory reset”.
  6. Apply the process.
  7. Optional: choose “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvik cache”.
  8. When done, return to main menu of recovery and from there select “reboot system now”.

Congratulations; you have successfully completed the hard reset operation. So, that was all for now. Well, how things worked for your Samsung Galaxy A5? Do share your experience with us by using the comments field from below and let us know if you had problems while trying to complete the steps from this step by step guide.

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