The Samsung Galaxy S10 allows its users to hide the frontal camera cutout using the instructions below. The front-facing camera on the Galaxy S10 doesn't look too bad, but in case you still need to hide it for whatever reason, then you can do it easily in a couple of seconds.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 camera punch hole is not that bad, and if you don't want to completely rearrange the status bar icons, then you can choose to use an wallpaper that it is darker on its top part. For those that are looking for a bigger border on the upper par of their screen, Samsung has implemented a small feature that allows users to hide the camera cutout.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the most popular smartphones currently available for purchase, and there are tons of users who love to tinker and modify the way their home screens look like.

How to hide frontal camera cutout for Galaxy S10:

Please note that you can revert the changes at any time in case you don't like how the camera cutout is hidden. Here's how to hide the front-facing camera cutout:

  • go to Settings.
  • open the Display menu.
  • find "Full screen apps" and open it.
  • now you simply need to tap "hide front camera" option.
  • you're done.

These were all the steps that you had to follow in order to learn how to hide the frontal camera cutout for your Galaxy S10 device. In case you own the Galaxy S10 Plus or any other Galaxy device and you have a camera cutout on the front that is bugging you, then you can follow the same instructions listed above in order to hide it.

If you have trouble changing the settings listed above, then you should tell us in comments and we will gladly help you.

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