The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is probably one of the most popular Android devices out there, and since Samsung has decided to ditch the screen borders and place a camera cutout on their devices, then there are some users who are looking to hide the punch hole. Check the instructions listed in this post and learn how to easily hide the camera cutout on the Galaxy S10 Plus.

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How to Hide the Camera Cutout on the Galaxy S10 Plus:

The change you're about to make is a small one, so you shouldn't worry about losing any data. Note that the screen size will get smaller and the entire status bar of your device will be now shown under the front camera. Also, the border on the upper side will get bigger, as the screen of your Galaxy S10 Plus is Super AMOLED and it will all of the pixels above the status bar shut off completely. If you do not want to lose screen size, then we recommend you to use a darker wallpaper, so that the camera cutout won't stick out that much.

Here's how to hide the front-facing camera cutout for your Galaxy S10 Plus:

  • open the Settings menu.
  • go to Display options.
  • find and open the "Full Screen apps" options.
  • now you simply need to tap the toggle next to the "hide camera cutout" text and you are done.

If you are not a fan of the way the Galaxy S10 Plus looks with the bigger border on the upper side of the screen, then you can revert the change by simple turning the "hide camera cutout" toggle off using the same instructions listed above. Also, if you want help changing or fixing some issues your device has

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