The Samsung Galaxy S10 devices feature a Secure Folder that allows users to keep their most private things hidden. If you're new and haven't quite got used to the Galaxy Android experience, then you should check the instructions listed below.

The Samsung Secure Folder is a new feature added a few years back, and it allows users to add almost any types of files and apps in order to keep them hidden from unwanted eyes. This application comes built-in with all the Samsung Galaxy S10 devices.

The best thing about the Galaxy S10 Secure Folder is that you can hide it, too, so you won't see it mixed-in with your other installed applications. The Secure Folder can be unlocked using your Patter, PIN, Password and Fingerprint scanner, so you won't risk any chances of being locked out of your sensible data.

How to Setup Secure Folder for Samsung Galaxy S10:

The first thing that you need to do is to configure and enable the Secure Folder for your Galaxy S10, and only after that you can start adding all the content you wish to hide.

Open your Apps menu and find the Secure Folder icon - open it. The Galaxy S10 device will load and install all the required files. The setup will guide you during the process and you only need to make sure to remember the password/pin or pattern used to protect the Secure Folder. After the setup is done you can continue with the rest of the info below.

How to add Files and Apps to Galaxy S10 Secure Folder:

Every time you access the Secure Folder you will have to unlock it using your pre-configured pattern, pin or password. Also, note that you can unlock the Secure Folder using your fingerprints, too.

So, launch the Secure Folder app first, unlock it and you will see some default icons and options listed in there. In order to add new things in this Secure Folder you will simply need to tap on one of the options shown at the bottom of your display. For new files simply tap the "add files" option, while for adding entire applications and their data you need to press the "add apps" option.

If you want to add new applications in the Secure Folder you have to select them and then hit the "add" option. Your Galaxy S10 will now take care of the rest of the process by itself.

If you want to add photos you need to tap "add files" and then tap on the "images" icon and select the photos you wish to hide. For videos use the "videos" icon, for audio use the icon with the same name, and so on for the other icons. When you are done you can close the Secure Folder and that would be all you had to do.

How to hide Secure Folder from Galaxy S10 apps list:

In case you don't want for the Secure Folder icon to be listed in your Apps list, then you will have to follow the instructions below:

  • go to Settings menu.
  • open the "Biometrics and security" menu.
  • scroll down and you will find the "secure folder" and you have to open it.
  • enter the code to unlock the Secure Folder options.
  • you can hide the Secure Folder by disabling its toggle.
  • confirm the action by tapping the "hide" option.

Now the Secure Folder will be hidden and you can access it only by enabling it from the Settings menu.

If you want to unhide the Secure Folder you simply need to repeat the steps above and toggle ON the option. These were all the steps that you had to follow in order learn how to setup the Secure Folder for your Samsung Galaxy S10 device.

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