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How to import contacts to Android, from SIM card

Smart phones nowadays. They provide so many features we could fill this site with lists. Actually, we’re working on that. Sometimes however, modern day devices just drive you nuts. Regarding that last remark, this article will cut one of those nuts from the list. Ok, maybe that doesn’t sound so well. On we go…

Android based phones are synchronized with Google accounts by default (this feature being not limited to Android phones, just simpler because it’s made by… well Google). So once we get all our contacts into that new Android we just spent a week’s pay on, they will be in Gmail and accessible outside the phone, as well as act as a backup in case something happens with the phone contacts.

On the other hand, many of us may have most important phone numbers (Mom, Girlfriend, Hotchick_party and the sorts) on the SIM Card. Or maybe we have a few contacts in an old phone – easiest way to transfer them to a smart(ass)phone ladies and gents is to copy to SIM, insert SIM in smarthpone, find copy all from SIM and problemo solvido.

This photo-endowed guide will help you easily copy contacts from a SIM Card to any Android phone.


  • Insert the SIM into the Android phone
  • Go to Contacts and tap on menu>Import/Export
  • Tap on “Import from SIM card”

You will be prompted to import contacts into Gmail / Google account extension. That’s a no-brainer.


Great! Now the contacts from your SIM card are in the phone and will synchronize with Google, two ways. Just select’em all.

NOTE: In case you did not do this beforehand, make sure to add your Google account (even if you just have a gmail username, that’s a Google account too) to the Android phone.

There you go, noob-proof method to import and synch contacts from SIM into your Android phone-thingy.