Smartphones are incredible devices. By combining multiple technologies, they deliver fantastic
performance and endless possibilities to users. Unfortunately, most Android fans don't realize
that the same device can help them become more productive every single day. Indeed, a brand
new Android device doesn't seem like a productivity booster, but it will become your work
companion after just a couple of tiny adjustments.

Remember that phones are not immune to cyber threats, so you should use tools to keep your
personal information safe. If you plan on using your Android device for productivity, the chances
are you will have your financial information in it too. Apps that offer VPN service are a must,
especially if you connect to public Wi-Fi networks. So before you do a makeover of your phone,
make sure you have a VPN service installed too.
Here are some of our favorite tips on how to increase your productivity with the help of an
Android device:

Turn Off Your Notifications

Let's start with the basics – turn off your notifications when working. They are distracting, and it
will take a long time for you to refocus on the tasks ahead after glancing at your phone. Some
are a bit hesitant to do this because you want to be available in an emergency, which is
understandable. Luckily, there is a solution.

Use the 'Do not disturb' feature throughout the day. For instance, if you need to focus on your
work for the next hour, turn off the notifications. You can check your phone after sixty minutes
and read the messages or take a break. The 'Do not disturb' feature will let you know if
someone is calling you two times in a row, so you will still be available.

Productivity Apps On The Home Screen

Productivity apps should be the first thing you see when you unlock your phone. But most of us
keep the 'fun' apps there because we use them the most. It includes Instagram, Twitter, Spotify,
and many more. So to encourage yourself to be productive, replace these apps.

Drag Duolingo app to your home screen, and you will maintain that perfect streak for a very long
time. The same goes for Evernote, a popular planning and note-taking app. Users instinctively
reach for them and do more tasks as a result.

Don't Forget About Reminders

Android devices utilize Google reminders perfectly. So all you need to do is tell your Google
Assistant to remind you about a task, and it will be done. Of course, adding more details to the
reminder is obligatory, so if you need to send in your project on Friday by noon, don't forget to
mention it. Location-based reminders are even better, and more users should know about this

For example, your phone can remind you to call your work colleague when you get back home.
Your device will ping when you step inside your house or apartment. Google automatically
syncs reminders to your account, making them accessible from any device. So you can view
and set them up on your computer as well.

Reading Aloud

You can't always look at your phone's screen, but your Android device can read the text to you
out loud. This feature might come in handy while driving, cleaning your home, or exercising. So
if you are worried about wasting precious time doing everyday things when you should be
preparing, let’s say a work presentation, your phone might help.

The feature covers almost every form of text on your device. It can read articles, emails, texts,
and even eBooks. All you need to do is say a command to Google, and that is it. Your phone
will mark every word as they are read aloud too.

A New Keyboard

Default Android keyboards are certainly not for everyone. But luckily, you can find the perfect fit
for you that will allow faster typing and fewer spelling mistakes. Gboard is very popular among
Android users because it is elegant and easy to use. Shortcuts do save you a lot of time, but
Gboard has other valuable features as well.

The top-bar menu has a search command allowing you to Google anything from the keyboard
itself. It also has a built-in Google Translate. If you desire more customization, the settings will
allow you to change the size of the keyboard and the overall design. Those of you who are not
happy with a current keyboard should browse around the store. You will very likely find the right
one in no time.

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