Nexus 4 comes with stock recovery and this guide contains all the info you need in order to install the ClockworkMod Recovery image on it. Use all the instructions listed in this post and you can easily flash all required files easily without damaging your device.

Use this guide only if you're device has its bootloader state set to 'unlocked'. If it doesn't then you should follow the steps listed in this guide here and learn how to unlock it. Note that by unlocking Nexus 4 bootloader you will lose all data and all the other files that are currently stored on its internal SDcard. Also, you will void the warranty but you can easily restore it in the future by re-locking the bootloader. All this info is listed in the 'How to unlock Nexus 4 bootloader' guide.

A custom recovery is needed if you want to flash new custom ROMs, kernels, google apps and any other modification files that should improve the overall performance of your device.

ClockworkMod Recovery for Nexus 4 tool has been released by an XDA forum member, jellybellys. First thing that you should do is to read the pre-requisites guide and learn what you have to do before flashing CWM Recovery image on your Nexus 4 smartphone. Here's what you need to know:

  • Flash this custom CWM Recovery file only on the Google Nexus 4 device. Do not attempt to install it on any other Android device as that might brick the device.
  • The bootloader of Nexus 4 should be unlocked. Without this you cannot flash the
  • Install the ANDROID SDK from HERE. If you already have these 'adb drivers' installed on your PC then you should skip this step.
  • USB debugging option has to be enabled.
  • Remember to charge the phone's battery so that it won't power off while you're flashing the CWM Recovery.
  • Backup important data files so that in case you lose any of them in the process then you will be able to restore them from your PC.
  • Note that we cannot be held responsible in case something goes wrong and you cannot use your device after installing the CWM Recovery. That's why you should carefully read the entire post first and in case you don't understand some of the actions that I've listed, then you can ask for extra help in our comments field.
  • Don't skip any steps listed in the 'how-to' guide.

These are all the guidelines you had to take into consideration before moving to the next part of this post. This is an easy to complete guide even for novices, but you should still be careful when applying it. Use the comments section to ask for more info on this release of custom recovery for N4 device.

How to install ClockworkMod Recovery on Google Nexus 4:

  1. Download the Fastboot zip from HERE. This is what we're gonna use to flash the custom recovery for your N4.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip and save them in a folder on your desktop screen. The folder should be named also Fastboot and it should hold 4 files now.
  3. Now download the CWM Recovery image file from HERE. After the download is complete you should move this file to the 'fastboot' folder which will hold now 5 files. Also, get the Revert Stock Recovery Disabler from HERE - This file should now be placed on your phone's internal SDcard storage. We'll use it later to make sure that the stock recovery isn't automatically enabled.
  4. Power off your Nexus 4. Boot it to Fastboot mode. It can be done by pressing 'volume down' and 'power' buttons at the same time. When you see the 'Start' text on the device's display you should connect the phone to your PC via USB cable.
  5. Launch Command Prompt window with administrator rights on your PC. Point it to the Fastboot folder. An alternate way to launch CMD directly into Fastboot directory is to press Shift and right-click on the white space of the folder, then select 'open command window here' and that should do it.
  6. Flash the CWM Recovery image using the following command lines. Note after entering any command line you need to press Enter:
    • fastboot devices - This will recognize your Nexus 4 ID. If it doesn't then you should re-install the drivers.
    • fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-touch- - this will make your device reboot into CWM Touch Recovery temporarily and you should leave the Nexus 4 connected to your PC. Now, tap 'install zip from sdcard' and then 'choose zip from sdcard' and install the Revert Recovery disabler zip. Confirm this. Now enter the next command line in CMD window.
    • fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch- - this will install the CWM Recovery on your phone.
    • fastboot reboot - this will restart the device and it should be entered after the CWM recovery is installed.
  7. When the recovery is installed you will see that the device will restart and boot into normal mode. This means that the installation was successful.

To check and see that the CWM Recovery mode works you should power off your device. Boot into Bootloader / Fastboot mode just like you did at step 4. Use the volume buttons to select 'Recovery mode' and then press Power to load it. That's it, the Nexus 4 will now restart into the new custom recovery mode.

Now you can install any custom ROMs and other modification files that will enhance your Android 4.2 experience.

If you ever want to restore the stock recovery, then you should use the instructions below:

  • Download the Stock Recovery image file for Nexus 4 from HERE.
  • Place the file into the Fastboot folder. It is the folder you made at step 2 of the tutorial.
  • Repeat the entire tutorial but, when you get to step 6 ( bullet point 2 ), you have to change the name of the 'ClockworkMod recovery image' to the name of the 'stock recovery img'.
  • The phone will reboot and you will have the stock recovery once again.

These were all the instructions that I had for you. If you cannot complete the install or you think that it is to hard to apply some of the steps above, then you should ask for extra help in comments, at the end of this post.

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