The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 was launched and several days after that, some developers managed to create tools and guides that would help users root it (here and here).

Now that the device was rooted, numerous users have asked for a hack that would allow them to use Google Play and other Google apps. So, stopxwatch, an XDA forum member, posted a guide that teaches you how to install the Play Store and Gmail, Google+, Google Maps and several other Google-based apps.

Use the instructions that I have listed in this article and you will learn how to successfully apply this hack on your Kindle Fire HD 7. Note that this is a guide for advanced users and you shouldn't attempt to install these files if you don't want to risk your device's OS.

As you know, the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch model version comes with the Amazon App Store and you cannot use Google Play Store with the stock firmware, which means that you will have to change some system files and then your tablet will receive support for downloading apps using the Play Store.

Note that you cannot restore the original Android OS and this means that your tablet might stop working or it won't run correctly after you apply these changes. That's why it is recommended for you to stay away from this hack, if you wish to avoid damaging your device. Carefully read all the instructions that I have listed and make sure that you know what you're doing before starting to apply the tutorial steps.

Before you can begin the installation, you should read the preparation guide below:

  • This files can be installed only on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7-inch tablet. Do not attempt to flash the files on any other device.
  • Also, your tablet should be rooted. Click the links listed in this article's first line of text and you'll find guides that will help you apply the root.
  • Download ES File Explorer from Amazon's App Store and install it on your tablet. You can use any other application that has root access.
  • Apply all the steps listed in this article. Remember that you cannot restore your system folder after applying all these hacks.
  • Charge the tablet's battery so that it won't power during the installation of Google Play Store and Google Apps.
  • Post all your other questions in the comments field.
  • Note that we cannot be held responsible in case your device refuses to boot after all changes are applied.

Now that you've read all of the above, I think that you should move to the next part of this article and apply the steps listed below.

How to install Google Play Store and Google Apps on your Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7

  1. Download the files listed below and then you should move to the next step. Save the files on your computer.
    • Download GoogleServicesFramework.apk file from HERE.
    • Download Vending.apk file from HERE.
    • Download the Play.apk file from HERE.
  2. After all files are successfully downloaded, you should connect your Kindle Fire HD tablet to your PC. Now move all those .apk files on its internal sdcard.
  3. Disconnect the tablet from PC.
  4. Launch ES File Explorer program on your Kindle Fire HD.
  5. Open the Settings menu in ES File Explorer and then click the options that says 'Root settings'.
  6. Next, enable 'Root Explorer' option and then confirm this action. Now click 'Allow' to grant root access for this file explorer app.
  7. Enable 'Up to Root' and 'Mount File System' options, too. Now close Settings and return to the main ES File Explorer screen.
  8. Browse the folders and find the location where you've placed the files you moved at step 2.
  9. Select GoogleServicesFramework.apk file and confirm its installation.
  10. When the GoogleServicesFramework is installed you should long on the 'Vending.apk' file and select the 'Copy' text.
  11. Press the 'UP' button until you reach folders named 'acct', 'cache' and others similar.
  12. Open the 'settings/ app' directory. Tap 'Paste' and now the Vending.apk file will be copied here.
  13. Now, long press again the copied 'Vending.apk' file and select 'Properties'. Next, click 'Change'.
  14. Now you should see a scren that says 'USER', 'GROUP', 'OTHER. For USER line select only 'read' and 'write' options, while for GROUP and OTHER select only the 'read' option. Do not enable any other checkboxes. After you're done, tap the 'Close' button on Properties.
  15. Tap the 'Vending.apk' once again and confirm that you want to install it. This step will install the former Android Market app.
  16. Launch Android Market app from your Apps drawer and follow the on-screen instructions in order to enter your Google Account credentials. After that you have to close the Android Market app.
  17. Next thing that you need to do is to update Android Market to Play Store. Open again ES File Explorer and go to the location where you've place the 'Play.apk' file. Tap the file and then confirm the upgrade from Market to Play Store.
  18. To launch the Google Play Store, you simply need to tap its icon. Use it to download Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail and all other Google apps that you wish to use with your Kindle Fire HD 7-inch model.

That's it, you've managed to successfully install Google Play Store on your Amazon tablet. In case you have trouble in completing this update, you should ask for more help in our comments field.

Remember that you cannot restore your device's system folder and these changes are permanent. Use the Play Store to download any Android app that you want to use on your tablet. Also, remember to check back to our web site to find the latest guides on how to improve the overall performance of your Android smartphone or tablet device.

Note that this guide won't change your device's Android OS version and it isn't a Firmware upgrade. It is simply a guide for installing the Google Play Store on a device that has the Amazon App Store set as default. We hope that a developer will manage to hack the tablet and provide a useful tool for unlocking the Kindle Fire HD 7 bootloader, which will help users install new custom ROMs to offer users the chance of customizing their Android device.

Rushil · 2 months ago

Need Google app store executables

nana tutu · 7 years ago

google won't let me add an account

Roman Sattler · 7 years ago

is it possible to change the google play account after installing the app?

thx for the great work!

Anto · 7 years ago

yes. You can do that anytime.

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