If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S9 device and you wish to learn how to configure a proper mobile hotspot and share an internet connection with your friends or family, then you can check the instructions below.

All the Android devices are packing support for creating Mobile Hotspots and allowing others to gain internet access by using your Galaxy S9 mobile data connection. Please note that you have to make sure that your mobile data plan is large enough, so that you won't get over it and get overcharged by your carrier.

Check the monthly cap your carrier has set for your Galaxy S9 mobile data plan, and then follow the instructions below in order to learn how to setup a Mobile Hotspot. Note that the guide should work for other Galaxy models, too. If you cannot complete the instructions, then you should tell us in comments below and we will try to help you.

How to enable and use Mobile Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy S9:

If you wish to enable the Mobile Hotspot you can easily do it from the Notification panel toggles, but in case you want to configure it properly and set a password protected connection, then you will have to go into Settings menu. The guide should work for both Android 8.0 Oreo and Android 9.0 firmware. If you visit this site into the future, then I'm pretty sure that the guide should work with the next Android Q firmware, too.Check all the instructions below and you will learn how to setup the Mobile Hotspot for your Galaxy S9 device:

  • go to Settings.
  • open the Connections menu.
  • go to Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.
  • enable the Mobile Hotspot toggle.
  • in order to start configuring the connection you have to tap once the Mobile Hotspot text.
  • set the connection's name and password.
  • now you're done, if you want to view the devices that are linked with your Galaxy S9, then simply open the "connected devices" tab.

When you are done with using the Mobile Hotspot, then you should simply disable the toggle and you are done. In case you need more help completing this guide, then you should tell us in comments and we will help you.

How to setup Allowed Devices for the Mobile Hotspot just configured:

  • go to Settings.
  • open Connections.
  • tap and open the "mobile hotspot and tethering".
  • tap "mobile hotspot" text.
  • tap the menu icon and then open the "allowed devices" menu.
  • enable the "allowed devices" and after that you will have to confirm the phones that are looking to connect with your smartphone.

You can also tell the Mobile Hotspot to timeout when is not used: go to Settings> Connections> Mobile Hotspot and Tethering> tap "mobile hotspot"> open the Timeout Settings from the Menu icon, then select the amount of minutes you wish to timeout the connection when not in use.

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