If your Samsung Galaxy S9 shows ads or popups every time you launch a browser app, or it shows ads via notifications panel, then you can use the tutorial below and learn how to successfully remove such malware.

If you are getting tons of popups and alerts when using your device, and you are not opening any weird sites, then you might have installed a bad app recently and that's the one causing the issues. Below you can find multiple methods that you can use in order learn how to remove such apps from your device and make it clean of any malicious app.

Boot Galaxy S9 in Safe Mode and use it to remove unwanted apps:

Safe Mode on Galaxy S9 will only load the apps that are coming installed with the device, so all the apps you've downloaded after buying the phone will be disabled. If the phone doesn't show any ads nor malicious popups in Safe Mode, then the problem lies surely with a bad app you have installed recently.

When you're in Safe Mode you should start removing each app you suspect is sending any of the malicious ads. Here's how to boot Safe Mode for Galaxy S9:

  • press and hold Power button for the Power options menu to load.
  • now, tap and hold the "power off" icon, as it will turn into a "safe mode" one.
  • tap once the "safe mode" icon and wait for the phone to complete the boot.

When the Galaxy S9 Safe Mode boots successfully you can start looking for all the suspicious and unwanted apps you have recently installed.

Clear Browser App Cache and Data:

Another thing you can try would be to clean the browser apps of all data and their stored cache. Note that you have to find and apply the steps below for all the browser apps you have installed on your device.

Go to Settings> open the Apps list and open the browser app. Next, open the "Storage" options and use the "clear app" option. Confirm the process and repeat the same actions for each browser app you currently have installed on your Galaxy S9.

Factory Reset the Samsung Galaxy S9 using Recovery Mode:

If the problems are still present after cleaning the installed browser apps, then the last thing you can try would be to factory reset the phone. Note that this will wipe clean the internal storage of your phone and it will remove all the apps you have installed since booting up the Galaxy S9 the first time.

Make sure to backup all the important data files before starting the factory reset process. By factory resetting the Galaxy S9 you should manage to remove all the bad apps as the ones that are opening various popups and adware.

  1. Power off your Galaxy S9.
  2. Press and hold at the same time Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons.
  3. Release the buttons when the screen shows a blue background and an Android logo. Wait 30 seconds more for all the Recovery Mode options to load.
  4. Select 'wipe data/ factory reset' option and confirm.
  5. Reboot your Galaxy S9 in normal mode.

Note that the reboot is done you will be asked to re-add your default Google account and reinstall all your favorite apps. These were all the steps that you had to take in order to try and remove all the unwanted apps that are showing adds and malicious popups on your Galaxy S9.

If you have any other questions about this guide, or you're experiencing other errors with your Galaxy S9, then feel free to let us know in comments and we will offer you assistance.

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