If your Samsung Galaxy S10 is having problems maintaining a Bluetooth connection or in case you can't even use the Bluetooth functions of your phone, then you should check the info in below in order to fix them.

Please note that some instructions in this post will require you to wipe data and factory reset your Galaxy S10 in order to fix the problems. The factory reset method is listed as the last method you have to try, and you should apply it only you've exhausted all the other guides.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Bluetooth issues and bugs (Multiple Troubleshooting Guides):

The first thing that you need to try and fix the problems is to disable and then re-enable the Bluetooth connection. Also, you need to reboot the phone and then attempt to test the issues you're having when trying to use the Bluetooth functions of your Galaxy S10.

If the problems aren't fixed after rebooting the device you will have to try the other instructions below. Note that some instructions below will need to be applied by advanced Android users.

Force Quit Bluetooth app from Galaxy S10 Apps menu:

You should force stop the Bluetooth app and this is done by going to Settings> Apps menu. Tap the 3-dot icon and tap on "show system apps". Now you have to scroll down to find Bluetooth app in the list. Open it and use the "force stop" option. Confirm and then retry using the Bluetooth functions.

Clear Bluetooth app cache and data:

Now you can try to clear both the cache and data for the Bluetooth app. Apply these steps only in case the above method hasn't fixed the problems you were having with the Bluetooth connection. Here's how to clear the cache for the Bluetooth app:

  • go to Settings.
  • open Apps menu.
  • find Bluetooth app in the list.
  • go to Storage.
  • now tap on "Clear cache" option and confirm process.

After you clear the app cache you need to test the Bluetooth connection, and if that isn't fixed you have to clear the app data, too. Check the following info: go to Settings> Apps> Bluetooth app> Storage and use the "clear data" option. Confirm and retry to launch the establish a bluetooth connection for your device.\

Reset Galaxy S10 Network Settings:

The Samsung Galaxy S10 network settings can be restored to their original values and this might fix the Bluetooth problems. Here's how to reset the network settings for your device:

  • go to Settings.
  • open the General Management menu.
  • open Reset menu.
  • now tap on "reset network settings".
  • tap the "reset settings" option and confirm the process.

Reset Galaxy S10 App Preferences:

Another guide you need to try is to reset the app preferences your Galaxy S10 has set for all the apps you've loaded on your phone until now. Go to Settings> Apps> and tap the "more settings" option in the 3-dot menu. Select the "reset app preferences" and confirm the process.

Wipe Cache Partition for Galaxy S10 from Recovery Mode:

If you haven't managed to get your Galaxy S10 to connect with other devices via Bluetooth, then you might want to consider wiping the cache partition for your device. This process is done using the Recovery Mode and you can use the following instructions in order to apply it:

  • power off the phone.
  • boot it in Recovery Mode by pressing and holding Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons at the same time.
  • release the buttons when the Android logo over a blue background is displayed by your phone.
  • wait a while for the Recovery Mode options to be loaded.
  • select 'wipe cache partition' and confirm process.
  • reboot phone in normal mode when you are done with the tutorial.

If the Bluetooth problems persist, then you have to continue with the rest of the methods below. Note that you should reboot the device once or twice before making sure that the Bluetooth problems aren't fixed after the cache partition has been wiped.

Install latest Galaxy S10 Firmware Updates:

Sometimes the problems with Bluetooth functions are due to a bad firmware installation, and you can fix these by upgrading the phone with a new firmware build. If a new update is ready to be installed you have to confirm the download and the device should do the rest automatically.

Go to Settings and here open the Software Update menu. Use the "download and install" option to look for new updates. If a new update is ready to download you have to confirm the process. Note that you should use an Wi-Fi connection in order to download the new firmware file, as otherwise you might end up going over your mobile data plan.

If the firmware update doesn't fix the Galaxy S10 Bluetooth problems, then you have to check the extra methods below. Note that after the update is installed you need to reboot the phone a couple of times and after you can test the Bluetooth functions.

Boot Galaxy S10 in Safe Mode and check for Rogue Apps:

In case you've recently installed some apps from unknown sources, then one of those apps might interfere with the Galaxy S10 Bluetooth functions. In case you cannot get rid of said apps, then you should boot the device in Safe Mode and use it in order to delete it.

Here's how to boot the Galaxy S10 in Safe Mode:

  • press and hold the Power button.
  • now tap and hold the "Power Off" icon, and it will turn into "Safe Mode".
  • tape the Safe Mode option and confirm the boot.
  • when you've entered Safe Mode you need to start looking for apps that might interfere with the Bluetooth functions of your device.

After you remove an app you need to boot the phone in normal mode and check to see if the device's Bluetooth capabilities have been restored.

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S10:

This last method will require you to wipe clean the Samsung Galaxy S10 device. Make sure that before you factory reset the device you will backup all the important files for your device. The Factory Reset process has to be applied from the Recovery Mode options. Here's how to do it:

  • power off the phone.
  • press and hold at the same time Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons.
  • release all the buttons when the Android logo over a blue background is shown.
  • wait 30 seconds for all options to be loaded.
  • from the Recovery Mode menu you have to select 'wipe data/ factory reset' and confirm the process.
  • reboot the phone in normal mode when the factory reset is done.

I hope that you have managed to fix your Galaxy S10 Bluetooth problems. If the problems are still present even after factory resetting your Galaxy S10, then you will need to send your phone to a professional repair shop, as there might be something wrong with its hardware. If you need more help with the tutorials above, then you should tell us in comments below and we will try to come up with solutions for your problems.

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