The Facebook Messenger might crash from time to time and you can check the instructions listed below.
Check all the instructions we posted below and learn what you can do to fix the Facebook Messenger app.

The Facebook Messenger is probably the most used app on Android smartphones and if you are using it on a daily basis and it malfunctions, then you will be forced to find a solution and fix it. Below you can find multiple tutorials that are going to teach you how to manually fix the Facebook Messenger app for your device.

Uninstall App, Reboot Galaxy S9 and Install It Again:

The first thing that you need to do is to force stop the application and uninstall it. This can be easily done by going to Settings> Apps> Facebook Messenger. Use the "force stop" option first and then use the Uninstall one and confirm process. If the Facebook Messenger app came pre-installed then you will have to use the "disable" option instead.

After you have disabled/ uninstalled the Facebook Messenger app you will have to reboot the phone. After that you need to boot the device in normal again and reinstall the app. This might fix the issue and you can run Facebook Messenger app again.

Clear Facebook Messenger App Cache and App Data:

Another method you can try to use in order fix the Facebook Messenger app would be to clear the app cache and app data.

Here's how to apply these changes:

  • go to Settings> Apps> and here you need to find the Facebook Messenger app.
  • open it and go to Storage, then use the "clear cache" and "clear data" options.
  • relaunch the Facebook Messenger app after you're done and see if that has fixed the issues.

If the issues continue, then you will have to continue with the next tutorials below.

Wipe Cache Partition of Samsung Galaxy S9 using Recovery Mode:

The Recovery Mode in the Galaxy S9 device allows users to test other options when it comes to troubleshooting their devices. The first thing you should try would be to wipe the Cache Partition of your Galaxy S9 and see if that resets the Facebook Messenger back to its original settings and make the app work without issues like before.

Here's how to wipe the cache partition of your GalaxyS9:

  • power off the device.
  • boot in Recovery Mode using Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons.
  • release all the buttons when the blue screen with an Android logo pops up on your device.
  • wait twenty seconds more for the Recovery Mode options to load.
  • select 'wipe cache partition' option and confirm the process.
  • reboot your phone in normal mode when you are done.

If this doesn't fix the Facebook Messenger problem, then you will have to apply the extra tutorial below. Use the factory reset step only as a last resort, as you will have to wipe clean your device in the process.

Factory Reset the Galaxy S9 from Recovery Mode:

The Factory Reset process will delete all the data from your phone's system partition, and that should fix any issues you are having with the Facebook Messenger app.

You have to backup all the important apps and data files, so that these won't be lost after the Factory Reset process. After you manage to backup all the important files you can continue with the factory reset.

Here's how to factory reset your phone from Recovery Mode:

  • power off the device.
  • boot it in Recovery Mode by pressing and holding Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons.
  • release the buttons when the blue screen with an Android logo is shown on your device.
  • wait a while for the Recovery Mode options to load.
  • select 'wipe data/ factory reset' and confirm process.

Reboot your device in normal mode and you are done with this tutorial. If you need more help with the tutorial you can tell us in the comments field. Make sure to list as many details as you can so that we will manage to find a working solution.

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