Twitter app on Android doesn't have too many problems, but there are several reports saying that the app fails randomly and it force closes. Check the info below and learn how to troubleshoot Twitter app issues on your Galaxy S10.

Usually Android 9 Pie doesn't have any problems running any Android apps, especially one as popular as Twitter. However, applications on Android might suffer from random force closing errors and you can deal with them easily as the app should launch again without any further problems. From time to time these errors will not go away that easily and you will be forced to apply more advanced tactics in order to fix them.

Below you can find several methods that you can use in order to fix Twitter's "has stopped" error. Please note to use the 'factory reset' method only as a last resort, as you wouldn't want for all your important files to be deleted in order to fix a single app.

How to Fix "Twitter has stopped" Bug for the Samsung Galaxy S10

Most instructions presented here will help you uninstall the app, wipe its cache or data, force close the app and disable it then reboot, wipe cache partition, or wipe the entire device using a factory reset process. Make sure that you won't blame us in case you lose any important data files, as you should create backups before factory resetting the device.

Force Close Twitter app:

This should be the first thing you try when you're encountering problems running Twitter app on your Galaxy S10. Open the Recent Apps menu and close Twitter.

Now you need to go to Settings, open Apps and find Twitter by scrolling the apps list. Open it and tap the "force stop" option. Next, try and launch Twitter and see if the problems launching continue after force stopping the application.

Update Twitter to its latest version using Google Play Store:

If the method above doesn't do anything then you should try to update Twitter to its latest version from the Google Play Store.

Go to the Play Store app and find Twitter. Install any updates that might be available for the app. See if this fixes the app and, if not you can always check the next method.

Uninstall all Twitter Updates and launch the app without them:

If you've updated Twitter app to its latest build and it constantly keeps crashes, then you will need to uninstall all the updates. Here's how to do it:

  • go to Settings.
  • open Apps menu.
  • go to Storage and if you can find Uninstall Updates option then use it.
  • if "uninstall updates" is not listed, then you will be forced to clear the data from the app and then reinstall it.

Clear Twitter app's Cache and Data:

This new method requires you to clear the cache and data stored by the Twitter app. It might not work, but you can at least try to apply it and see if it does something.

Go to Settings> Apps> Twitter and then open the Storage menu. First you need to "clear the cache" and relaunch the app afterwards. If the apps works normally, then you are done, if it doesn't work you have to wipe the app data.

Go to Settings> Apps> Twitter> Storage and hit the "clear data" option. Confirm the process and you are done. Relaunch the app and if it works as it should.

Uninstall and Reinstall Twitter app:

Another thing you can try is to uninstall the Twitter app from the Google Play Store. Wipe the cache and data using the method above, then go to Twitter's Play Store website and uninstall the app.

Reboot your phone and then reinstall the Twitter app to verify if it works now.

If this method doesn't work, then we ask you to boot your device in Safe Mode and try to launch the app.

Safe Mode can be booted for Galaxy S10 by pressing Power button for a couple of seconds. You should then tap and hold "power off" option for another couple of seconds and then select "safe mode" option. Confirm and wait for the phone to boot in safe mode.

If the Twitter app launches in Safe Mode, then some other app might interfere with Twitter's launch sequence, so you should try and remove any suspect 3rd party app you've recently installed.

Reset your Galaxy S10 Network Settings and Preferences:

The bug that makes Twitter unresponsive and unable to launch might be due to some network settings that have started to malfunction, but you can reset these settings and see if the problem is solved.

After you reset the network settings you might need to reconfigure your WiFi and mobile data settings. Make sure to test Twitter app on both these connections after you reset the network settings.

  • go to Settings.
  • open General Management.
  • open Reset menu.
  • tap Reset Network Settings menu.
  • then tap once "Reset Settings" and you're done.
  • confirm the process.
  • relaunch Twitter to verify that it works.

If this method fails, then you will be forced to apply the rest of the instructions below with one of them requiring you to wipe clean the internal storage of your Galaxy S10.

Clear Galaxy S10 Cache Partition from Recovery Mode:

Clearing the cache partition is going to delete all the settings and cached data that the Galaxy S10 has stored for each app in order to launch all of them faster. Sometimes these settings will become corrupted and apps will not launch or work as they should. Here's how to wipe the cache partition of your Galaxy S10 using Recovery Mode:

  • power off your Galaxy S10.
  • now you have to press and hold Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons.
  • release all buttons when the screen turns blue with an Android logo on it - wait 30 additional seconds for the Recovery Mode options to be loaded.
  • next, select using the volume buttons the "wipe cache partition" option.
  • confirm the wipe process using the Power button.
  • reboot your Galaxy S10 in normal mode when you are done.

After the Galaxy S10 reboots test to see if the Twitter app launches successfully. If not then the last thing you can try is to factory reset the device.

Factory Reset Galaxy S10:

The Factory Reset process is going to delete all the data from all the installed apps along with said apps. By Factory Resetting your Galaxy S10 we cannot be held responsible in case you end up losing any important data files, so you should apply these steps at your own expense.

Here's how to factory reset your Galaxy S10. After the factory reset you can install Twitter as the first app and see if it works. If Twitter continues to malfunction even after a factory reset, then it would be best for you to take your Galaxy S10 to a smartphone repair shop.

  1. Switch off your Galaxy S10.
  2. Press and hold Volume Up + Bixby + Power at the same time.
  3. Release the buttons when the blue screen with the Android logo loads. Wait 30 seconds for all Recovery Mode options to load.
  4. Select 'wipe data/ factory reset'.
  5. Confirm and then reboot the phone in normal mode.

If you need any extra help then you should tell us in comments and we will try to offer you other solutions. Make sure to list all the steps you took and the errors you keep getting from Twitter, so that we will be able to better pinpoint the problems you're encountering.

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