HTC One X has been launched from some time all over the world and we've already listed several guides on how to root global One X device version, how to install CWM Touch recovery on One X or how to unlock its bootloader. But, now we've managed to create a guide for AT&T users of HTC One X that they can use to ROOT their device using a one-click method.

Read all the instructions listed in this post and you will learn how to properly root your AT&T HTC One X phone with a one-click method. Make sure that you read also the preparation guide so that you will manage to successfully root it from your first attempt.

This one click root method for AT&T One X it will simply root it without unlocking it and this means that you won't be able to install custom ROMs or, at least, not until AT&T decides to release an official bootloader unlock. So, this means that you will be able to root the phone, but not to unlock the bootloader, which is still great as you can use the superuser root access to remove all the AT&T bloatware files app using tools such as Titanium Backup.

Also, the root access allows you to overclock the dual-core Snapdragon CPU that is packed within AT&T HTC One X improving its overall performances. After the root you will be able to install Chainfire 3D which will allow you to run Tegra-only games on your AT&T HTC One X device. Read the guidelines below and learn how to prepare your HTC One X branded by AT&T for the rooting process:

  • this guide will root your device and this means that you will void your warranty.
  • it will work only with AT&T HTC One X, Rogers and with some other model versions.
  • it will install Busybox and SuperSU apps for firmware control.
  • make sure that you have the USB debugging enabled and that the phone's battery power level is over 75%.
  • this one-click root method will only give your root access while the bootloader remains locked and you won't be able to install custom ROMs.
  • it is recommended for you to create backups of your apps and files so that you won't lose any of them while rooting the phone.
  • make sure that your computer contains the latest USB drivers for HTC One X by AT&T. If not, then you should click here and download them on your PC.

That's all you need to know and now you're ready to move to the tutorial guide and root your phone.

How to root AT&T HTC One X with one-click method:

  1. Download the '' file from here or here.
  2. Extract the zip rooting file in a single folder on your PC.
  3. Now connect your AT&T HTC One X using the USB cable to your PC. NOTE for desktop PC users: plug the USB connection cable on the back of your system.
  4. Put the One X in 'Charge Only' mode by opening the notifications bar and clicking on USB connection type; select 'Charge Only'.
  5. Now open the root folder on your PC and double click the file that corresponds to your computer's operating system:
  • Windows PC: Double click on 'root.bat' and run the script.
  • Linux: Double click the '' file.
  • MAC OS X: Double click the '' file.

That's it, this was the last step you had to take and, when that completes, your AT&T HTC One X will restart several times. After the the main home screen loads your device will have been successfully rooted and your free to start removing the AT&T bloatware applications using your favorite Google Play Store app.

If you can't complete any of the steps above you should then post in the comments field and we will help your root your phone.

Sam · 3 years ago

my htc one x is network blocked ..if i root-it it will unblock ?

Juan · 4 years ago

My phone is originally from AT&T, but it is "free" so I can use it here in Mexico with any of the cellphone services of the country (Telcel in my case). Does that affect if I want to root the cellphone?

Prasad Pawar · 4 years ago

New updated HOX @ android 4.2.2 can't be rooted!

Porg · 4 years ago

how long does it usually take to work?
As the phone hasnt restarted and all the black screen says is "daemon started sucsessfully after a random line of code

benjamin genius · 3 years ago

same problem here.....i also need some help

SALIM · 5 years ago

I HAVE SAME PROBLEM.. please help....pleaaasseeeeee

RoJo · 6 years ago

I started the root.bat and I got this

failed to copy 'busybox' to '/data/local/busybox': Permission denied

failed to copy 'su' to '/data/local/su': Permission denied

failed to copy 'Superuser.apk' to '/data/local/Superuser.apk': Permission denied

Unable to chmod /data/local/busybox: No such file or directory

Unable to chmod /data/local/su: No such file or directory

Unable to chmod /data/local/Superuser.apk: No such file or directory

failed on '/data/local/tmp' - Permission denied


SALIM · 5 years ago


joe · 6 years ago

Have it the file in one folder after downloading. It is called root-one-x, then i double click it and it says no application found. Not sure how to fix it please help.

Jonny7 · 6 years ago

i keep getting error device not found

vas · 6 years ago

wont work , it says started successfully but nothing happens !

Marc · 6 years ago

Same here

Marc · 6 years ago

It needs debugging to be enabled but it still didn't work

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