One of the best things about having a relatively old device, like the Samsung Galaxy S II GT i9100, is that you will always find the help needed to root it or make any modifications you see fit. This is especially true for high end devices that have sold very well during the last quarters. This article is aimed at providing you with an easy and safe way of rooting the Samsung Galaxy S II GT i9100 if it is running on the latest official firmware: ICS XXLPQ 4.0.3 Firmware. This is the firmware version that comes with the barely released ICS update.

Before we move on you should know a couple of very important aspects regarding rooting any Android device. If you decide to root you Samsung Galaxy S II GT i9100 you will most likely void its warranty, so if you are uncomfortable with this, you should probably stop here. Our disclaimer notice is next: As with any software that is not our own creation, we must warn you that you cannot hold us responsible for any damage that might occur to your device by following the procedures in this guide. However, we will try to help you sort out any glitches or problems that might arise by following the steps in this guide to the extent our knowledge limits us. this does not mean that the rooting procedure is flawed, but rather that in any tested thing errors might occur.

We will begin this guide with some very important information about how to keep your personal data stored on the Galaxy S II intact. The easiest way to do this is by using some third party apps and some dedicated procedures, so that you will be able to easily restore your personal belongings after a successful root. In case you are wondering why we are not using the KIES  PC Suite to back up your data, it is because the program does not support any custom or rooted ROMs. We have also added some requirements that directly relate to your PC and Android smartphone and these should be met as they will ensure a safe and flawless rooting procedure:

  • Make sure that your Galaxy S II is charged to at least 50% in order to avoid running out of battery during the rooting procedure.
  • You also need enable the USB debugging option that you can find by following this path:  Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging.
  • You will also have to disable or unintall any anti virus or security software you are running on both your computer and Galaxy S II.
  • Text messages – Install this app: SMS Backup & Restore
  • Phone Contacts – These can be synced via your Gmail/Google account or by exporting them to the micro SD card
  • Call Log – Install this app: Call Log Backup and Restore
  • Pictures, Music, Videos, Files etc.– Copy to internal / external memory card
  • Internet & MMS Settings – Backup all the settings from this path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names”.

The next and last part of our tutorial is about how to properly use the rooting software in order to avoid any unnecessary complications. If you are afraid of what rooting may cause to your Galaxy S II this will be your last chance to abort the procedure. It you are ok and understand the risks you will only need to follow the steps below in order and with maximum caution to successfully root your Galaxy S II:

The first step in this guide is all about downloading the right bits of software and we will begin with this pack here: XXLPQ Rooting Package. This package contains the essential tools needed to root the Samsung Galaxy S II running the official ICS XXLPQ 4.0.3 Firmware. Be sure to extract the files in the rar archive before proceeding further.

The second step consists of starting the Odin application from the downloaded pack and rebooting your phone into download mode. In order to do the latter you need to power off your device, remove and then re-insert the battery. Then you need to simultaneously press and hold the Volume Down Key, Center Key and the Power Key. This odd combination should result in a green robot indicating that download mode has been enabled.

The third step involves connecting your phone in download mode to the computer already running the Odin software and waiting a couple of seconds/minutes for it to recognize the device. You can check when Odin has recognized your device by looking at the color of the ID : COM window. If it is yellow you are ready to proceed.

Two Steps

[caption id="attachment_631" align="aligncenter" width="503" caption="Screenshot of Odin correct setup"]Screenshot of Odin correct setup[/caption]

The fourth step is a little bit trickier as you will need to click on the PDA button in the Odin software and select the “CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-v5.3-CWM5” file located in the pack you have previously downloaded.

The fifth and last step is the easiest so far, and it only comprises of you pressing the Start button in Odin and waiting a couple of minutes for the firmware to be flashed on your phone.

As soon as the flashing process is complete you will see the phone rebooting and once you see the home screen you can rest assured as the rooting process has been finished successfully. In order to check if everything is in order you should power off your device and enter recovery mode. You can enter recovery mode in exactly the same way as you have previously entered the Download mode.

From here on you can check out the various options your newly rooted Samsung Galaxy S II has. We recommend doing a nandroid backup now in order to have a working copy of the rooted software ready.

Liga Shayla-smith · 3 years ago

my phone wont turn on at all it says cant download in red please help my phone is the only way im contacting family

Anthony Dunne · 6 years ago

Rooted Phone all ok Installed Galaxy S2 SIM unlock and not work (Could not find SIM unlock code :( )

Had no problem rooting the phone I am on 4.0.3. Followed your steps all perfect used Odins3 and Galaxy s2 SIM unlock and it found no code here is the message I got .(Could not find SIM unlock code :( )Any help would be great full. Regards Anthony

David Mc Mullen · 5 years ago

Mine did the same how to fix plz

aziz · 6 years ago

how to update my s2 with 4.0.3 pls reply sir

a patel · 6 years ago

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 on Ice Cream Sandwich GT-I9100_INU_I9100XXLPQ_I9100ODDLP7_I9100DDLP8.rar Firmware,
Now how to root my phone ?

than how to install Pure Look S3 ?

PLZ help me.................................

Alex Dumitru · 6 years ago

Here are all the root options:

corner-left-up dots-three-vertical