Ever needed to capture a screenshot on your Android device? Well, if you are one of the many owners of a Samsung Galaxy device, any of the series (Galaxy SII, Galaxy TAB, etc.), we have a tip for you. The method explained in this article does not require you to root the Android on your device, and it free of any cost. In case you already rooter your operating system for any reason whatsoever, the method applies for you.

You require the Screen Capture Shortcut Free app for your Android device, to be precise the Samsung Galaxy family of products, including like I already mentioned the ever-so-popular Galaxy Tab.

Note: The above-mentioned are the supported devices at this point, as the fine Japanese developers of the app inform, however it is safe to suppose that other devices may be added or may naturally support the app for screen capture on Samsung handhelds (am referring to future Android devices).

Download the Screen Capture app easily from Android Apps Labs for free. To download it directly on to your mobile phone, you need to visit the Android Apps Labs page listing of Cam Speed, click on Install to automatically proceed with the installation.

To make it easy for you good beautiful people, we'll induce a QR code right here. Snap that  Samsung cam and quick install!

How to capture the screen 

1. Launch the Screen Capture Shortcut Free app

2.Tick the first option, whose name is self-explanatory. So,  under the notification area you need to select Yes in the ‘Capture from notification’. Next time you're on the particular screen that you wish to capture in a neat image file.

3. Once you have successfully captured a screen shot, the feature will not be present in the notification bar again. Hence, for every time you wanted to capture screenshot you need to repeat the procedure at step 1 again, by starting the Screen Capture Shortcut Free app.

4. Find your image file in the app, under My Files.  You can then copy the file to another custom location, e-mail it, share it via Dropbox or any other action that may be required as per your needs - such as quickly editing  it (click for Free photo editing apps, Android.gs guaranteed)  to add better colours or some quirky effect to humour (or maybe fool?) your friends.

That's it ladies and gents! Feel free to hit the comment section with any remarks or inquiries.


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