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How To Take HTC One Mini 2 Screenshots

HTC One Mini 2 is a great phone with a good looking body and with decent to high end specs and features. So, using your phone on full power is a must, especially if you want to test and run the latest apps, games and software. But, if you are advanced Android user you will find out that you need to unlock your phone in order to unleash its full potential. In that matter, you will probably decide to apply custom and unofficial operations. These operations are complex and risky and in many situations you might need some assistance.

Well, how can you ask for help when you have problems with your Android based device? By taking proper screenshots of course, as the images can then be posted on forums, shared via social media websites and so on. Thus, knowing how to screen capture your HTC One Mini 2 is a must – but not only for the mentioned reasons.

Taking a screenshot on your HTC One Mini 2 is easy as you can use two dedicated methods and a third solution that implies in using a third party app. The dedicated methods are being featured by default on any HTC branded device. The first one is included on the Android system and can be used on any Android powered smartphone or tablet and the second one can be used only on a HTC device. But, we will talk more about these aspects during the guidelines from below, so stay close and read everything that is explained on this tutorial.

So, using a screenshot is important when you have a software problem on your HTC One Mini 2 and you want to ask for help. But, you can use a screen capture also when trying to share something special with your friends, family or coworkers. For example you can share a screenshot of a data chart, of a software, or of any other data from your smartphone. Also, you can share a new high score on your favorite game, or you can share other images that capture unique moments with anyone you want. As you can see, this basic Android operation is quite important so if you don’t know how to complete the same, don’t hesitate and check the following guidelines.

How To Take HTC One Mini 2 Screenshots

Method 1

  1. Take your phone and navigate towards the screen from where you want to capture your screenshot.
  2. At that point press, at the same time, the Power and Volume Down buttons (only for one second).
  3. The shutter sound will be heard and the screen captured will be automatically saved on your Gallery.
  4. Do note that you might need some practice until you will be able to take a screenshot by using this and the following hardware solution.

Method 2

  1. Once more, go to the screen from where you want to take the HTC One Mini 2 screenshot – it can be a game, an app or any other screen.
  2. Then, when ready press Power and Home keys at the same time, for a second or less.
  3. Once more, the shutter sound will be heard and your screen capture will be saved on your Gallery.

Method 3

  1. For this solution, you will have to download a third party app from Google Play.
  2. So, access Google Play and search for the QuickMemo app.
  3. Download the same and then wait while the app is being installed on your phone.
  4. Go to the screen from where you want to initiate the screen capture.
  5. Slide down the Notification Panel.
  6. Tap on the QuickMemo icon.
  7. Voila, your screenshot is automatically saved on your HTC One Mini 2.

Well, there you have it; that’s how you can anytime take a screenshot on your HTC One Mini 2. If you need more explanations or other details on this topic, don’t hesitate and use the comments field from below – we will assist you as soon as possible. For other HTC One Mini 2 tutorials, tips and tricks, don’t hesitate and use our how to section.

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