Using your Android phone as a hotspot with tethering applications is now as common as Bluetooth was a few years ago and I want to show you a little app that will allow you to tether your Android device for free (14 days trial) without having to root the handset. I’m talking about the ClockworkMod Tether app which allows you to tether your Android phone for free via USB cable without rooting the device and without the need of a carrier’s tethering plan. There is also a Premium version of this app which is an in-app purchase for only $4.99, but compared to other tethering apps, this price is childish.

Now let me tell you how to actually install the ClockworkMod free Tether app because some people reported having trouble with the installation of this great application.

Let’s install the ClockworkMod app:

  1. Enable (check) Unknown Sources and USB debugging by going to Menu > Settings > Applications (> Development for USB debugging) and plug your phone in the PC.
  2. Download and install the tethering software on your PC (download for Windows, Mac or Linux).
    - If the installation didn’t go as planned that means you’ll need to do a bit of leg work. Go to ClockworkMod’s tethering drivers page and download the driver that suits your phone.
  3. Launch the tethering application on your computer and wait for it to install the ClockworkMod Tethering apk app on your phone.
    - If this fails, it means that your carrier has restricted the app or that something didn’t go well with the installation. In this case, you'll need to manually download the ClockworkMod Tethering apk, upload it to your phone if you downloaded via PC and install it.
  4. Now go to your Tethering application on your PC and run it, then hit Start and let it do its magic. If things go bad, just hit Stop and Start again (be sure to choose a network if it asks, like Home Network).
    - This application could fail if you have PDANet, Easy Tether, VirtualBox, Open VPN, TeamViewer VPN, Viscosity or Hamachi installed. So be sure to uninstall any or all of them and reboot your PC.

There you have it, now you can surf the web on your PC without a care in the world (try not to accidentally disconnect the USB cable, awkward if you’re playing an online game or something like that). I like the ClockworkMod Tethering application for Android because it’s simple and it just works.

If you have any problems regarding installation, use the comment section and signal for help.

Fuzz · 3 years ago

I have an Xperia Z3v, and while it appears the ADB drivers are installed correctly, the Tether Windows app is unable to detect when my phone has the tether app turned on. Thoughts? Can't find a solution anywhere.

jeff · 7 years ago

The pc installer says the installation got interrupted restart installation package. Happens everytime...

Alexandru · 7 years ago

Did you do all the steps written in the article? If yes, make sure you didn't forget anything or check the USB cable for problems and other.

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