This year’s Google I/O came with a lot of new and exciting things, one of them being the latest version of their Android OS, namely Jelly Bean 4.1 which comes with a few new tricks in its hat, like the project Butter and the improved notifications menu which I want to focus on in this here article.

The notifications drawer as they call it has now improved not only in looks but in functionality also, bringing new ways to interact with your notifications, but every now and then we find ourselves with a lot of notifications from a lot of apps that need to be updated or reviewed and that is tiresome and time consuming.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could disable notifications for certain apps, so we won’t have to see that cluttered and unarranged drawer? Well, you can do that now with the Jelly Bean 4.1 update, let me show you how.

First, you should go to Settings and then Apps, from here you’ll have to select the application that you want to mute in the notifications menu. Once selected, you will see the Force stop and Uninstall buttons, under those buttons you will see a checkbox line that says “Show notifications”, uncheck that and you’re good to go to the next app that you want to remove from your notifications.

It’s as easy as that, now you won’t see that cluttered drawer anymore and with this and some other functionalities that come with the Jelly Bean 4.1 update, you’ll get more control over your device.

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