If you are looking to learn how to remove the Facebook app from your Galaxy S9 device, then you should check the info we posted below.

The guide should help those who are looking to close their social media accounts and found out that the Facebook app comes pre-installed with their devices. As you most probably know the Facebook app uses a lot of battery and it runs in the background almost all the time, and this is another reason for you to disable it and prevent it from ever running on your Galaxy S9.

The Facebook app cannot be completely removed from the Samsung Galaxy S9 or other Galaxy device, as the app comes pre-installed and it is a known "bloatware" app in the Android community due to it running at all times in the background and requiring permissions for all kinds of weird actions. The app can be completely removed from the Galaxy S9 only by installing a modified ROM and that will require a whole different set of skills out of a casual Android user. If you're not an advanced Android user and you simply want to stop the Facebook app from running on your Galaxy S9, then this guide should be enough for you as it will block the app from running.

How to disable and uninstall the Facebook app on Samsung Galaxy S9:

This guide will teach how to successfully disable and "uninstall" the Facebook app from your device. The uninstall part is not a complete removal, as the app installer and some basic data files will remain stored on your Galaxy S9, which is why we will mostly prevent the app from ever running on your device.

Here's how to do it:

  • go to Settings.
  • open the Apps menu.
  • scroll down and find the Facebook app in the list; if the app is not listed you will have to tap on the 3-dot icon and select the "show system apps" option, as this will make Facebook visible in the Apps list.
  • press the Disable button and confirm the action.
  • next, go back to the Apps list and find the Facebook App Installer.
  • open the Facebook App Installer info and disable this one, too.
  • you're done.

These were all the steps that you had to follow in order to quickly and easily disable and uninstall the Facebook app from your Samsung Galaxy S9 device. Note that in order to re-enable the app you will have to simply repeat the steps above using the "enable" button instead. If you need more help completing this guide, then you can tell us in the comments field.

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