This guide is for users of Galaxy Nexus who want to learn how to successfully unlock their device's bootloader. Read the entire tutorial and make sure that you apply all the steps I've listed in this post and when you'll reach the final step your Galaxy Nexus' bootloader would have been successfully unlocked without too much trouble.

The tutorial shouldn't pose any major troubles for those of you who are advanced Android users, as you will simply need to use Android SDK and fastboot to unlock the Galaxy Nexus bootloader. Galaxy Nexus was launched last year and it still sells big, but for those user who wish to root it and install a custom recovery image on it, the locked bootloader is something that bothers them and now I've decided to post this tutorial who teaches you exactly what steps you have to take in order to unlock the Gnex bootloader.

That was all the info I had for you and if you're here then it means that you don't need any extra info and you're ready to move to the tutorial. Make sure to apply all the steps listed in it and that you're a user that knows his way around Android operating system and its sub system functions.

Unlock Galaxy Nexus bootloader using Android SDK and fastboot utilities: 

  1. Download the Android SDK from HERE.
  2. Install Android SDK and make sure that you install the platform tools and the Google USB Driver from the SDK Manager.
  3. Download the Fastboot files from HERE. Extract the fastboot zip files into a single 'fastboot' folder.
  4. Power off your phone as you'll need to boot into fastboot mode.
  5. When the phone is OFF press and hold 'volume up' + 'volume down' and after that press POWER and wait until it shows an Android with a text line below saying 'fastboot mode'.
  6. Next, go to your computer and open the Fastboot folder.
  7. Now, hold the 'Shift' key on your keyboard pressed and at the same time right-click the empty space inside the Fastboot folder. Select 'open command window here' and this will launch the command prompt pointed directly to Fastboot's folder.
  8. Connect your Galaxy Nexus to your computer via USB cable.
  9. In command prompt window type 'fastboot devices' and press enter. This should show your device connected to your PC, it means that it was recognized.
  10. To unlock the Galaxy Nexus bootloader, you will need to type the following command line in the 'cmd' window: fastboot oem unlock
  11. The Galaxy Nexus will ask you to confirm the operation and you simply need to select Yes with the Volume button and then 'power' to allow the unlocking of the Gnex bootloader by fastboot.
  12. That's it, now your GNex has its bootloader unlocked.

After you unlock successfully the bootloader you will need to close the 'cmd' window and then disconnect the phone from your computer. Restart it and then you're free to do whatever you want with it. Now you'll be able to root it, flash custom recovery images and install new custom ROMs.

If you have any extra questions please use the comments field and I will try to help you complete the tutorial guide. Remember that by unlocking the phone's bootloader you may lose its warranty and you won't be able to restore it, unless you return to a stock firmware.

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