Within the wondrous world of affordable tablets, Huawei is gaining more ground with the MediaPad, and most users out there should be interested about updating the firmware for their aforementioned handheld to the new ICS version. You are probably running Honeycomb 3.2 firmware version on your MediaPad.

Why upgrade? Improved stability, finer tune options and overall better performance. Notable is also the new Camera app, that comes installed, and the enhanced Gallery for your images and videos.

Note that this is the Official ICS Android 4.0.3 firmware update released by Huawei and is not acustom or beta firmware. This here guide will shot you how to easily apply this update manually. Over a period of this article we will be checking out on what are the list of pre requisites you need to follow and also we will be checking out on what is a detailed guide with which you can apply this update

Best safe than sorry, we always say here at Android.gs. An update, especially an official firmware install, is not likely to damage or loose any of your data. However, a backup is highly suggested before proceeding to update to the new ICS firmware version on your trusty MediaPad.

One method would be to use the Hauwei provided PC Suite and create a backup on the PC. This is a straightforward process, and so is the subsequent  restore.

Alternatively, A manual way to backup all the data on your MediaPad is the followingt: Text messages – Use the “SMS Backup & Restore app”, Phone Contacts – Sync with Gmail, this is probably on already on your device, but it’s worth the effort to double check: Pictures, Music, Videos, Files etc.– Copy to internal / External SD Card, Internet & MUMS Settings – Backup all the settings from the path “Applications >Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names”

Also, to ensure a smooth and fail-safe process, make certain your Huawei device is charged to at least 75% battery level – provided your battery is relatively new (under 2 years, which is obviously applicable if you’re reading this article anytime close to the publish date). Otherwise try to charge it 100% or consider buying a new one before you attempt to root the Android device.

Now,  before jumping in the steps, get well prepared by downloading the  Huawei media Pad ICS 4.0.3 Firmware Package . Can also  be found here.

The Update to the new ICS Firmware

  • Extract the files from the link above. The folder “dload” is required on both you computer and on the device. Hence, use an USB cable and copy this folder on the SD card of the MediaPad.
  • Ensure that you are not placing the file deep into the sub folders in your  Huawei device's SD Card, for ease of access. Gotta love Android!
  • Turn off the tablet, as you will have to boot it  in the recovery mode. To enter the Huawei MediaPad in the recovery mode, you need to press and hold the Volume + Key and then press the power Key for 2 seconds to boot he same. Note that just in case if the device boots up in the normal mode then you need to re try entering the device in the recovery mode.


  • Behold, the Green Droid! This implies that the update progress is ongoing, it should start shortly...
  • Told you it will not take long! In any case, as soon as the update to the new ICS is processed successfully, a yellow OK screen will display, as seen in the shot just belo


Excellent!  You may now to remove the SD Card and press the Power key until the tablet gets restarted. Check that everything is running properly, and if nothing seems amiss, go ahead and turn off the device, reinsert the SD card, boot the device, and delede de "dload" folder form the SD card. It can also be removed (the folder, that is) from the computer, but heck you could just leave it lie there, not gonna hurt that big fat hard-drive of yours, is it now?


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